Nintendo Virtual Console???

Ok so we have all wanted a readily available selection of Nintendo back catalogue games since the Nintendo Switch launched early last year. Games such as Super Mario Bros 3, Mario World, Mario 64 and That’s just one series of games.

Since last E3 I think most of us thought we would have a Switch Virtual console by now. So the question now is are we still getting one???

One theory is that with the launch of the delayed Nintendo Switch Online service towards the end of the year, it may include a Netflix style games catalogue that you can choose from. Now whilst this is all well and good I prefer the option of having the games I want not a selection put in front of me, I know this is all speculation at the moment and I’m sure the big N will pull a few surprises out of the bag, but I just can’t help but feeling like it’s being forgotten.

Where are the rumoured GameCube games, classics games such as Luigi’s Mansion or Eternal Darkness. I hope that something gets announced at this years E3.

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