What makes a Hardcore Gamer???

Right this is a gripe of mine, I don’t see how playing the latest COD game for hours on end makes you a hardcore gamer. I am in my thirties and have been gaming since I was 6 years old, how on earth can a snot nosed, mouthy sod on a head set who is hyped up on Energy drinks, apparently have more right to call themselves a hardcore gamer???

My vast experience of games ranges from Super Mario bros 3 through to Doom and Quake, Goldeneye, Call of Duty, Sonics old & new and the list could go on. I have owned every console pretty much. I even took a week off of work once to buy my GameCube and again later to work my way through The legend of Zelda the Windwaker.

Talking to younger, more entitled (apparently) gamers, I sense that nothing pre COD exists and that gaming must’ve been awful before the PS3/4 or Xbox 360/one existed. Surely having a wider experience and more varied experience of games is what makes you a hardcore gamer???

Maybe not all younger gamers are this way I can only judge by the ones I have spoken with, played online against and who work for me, however the consensus from them all is they are the elite of gamers.

The sheer snobbery when discussing the gaming giant Nintendo is something I never thought I would hear after the massive success the company has had over the years, mentioning the Switch gets some young people to turn their nose up…. I mean seriously come on the system is amazing and runs home console quality games in a portable way….I honestly don’t understand some gamers these days….I know I’m old…😉

This is just the ramblings of an older gamer, thanks for reading.


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