Nintendo – Switch it up?

Well year one of Nintendo Switch is nearly over and looking back at its first year its been great. With titles such as the fantastic Breath of the Wild and brilliant Super Mario Odyssey it’s easy to see why Switch has sold so well, the next question is where do the big N go from here???

It’s clear Nintendo are trying to change the image they have had for years and the public perception that Nintendo machines are just for kids, for instance in trying to change their image they ditched the grey/white logo they adopted during the successful Wii era and went back to the red/white logo from the more successful NES/SNES era, a subtle but effective change. Second instance of changing public perception about kid friendly image we now have the likes of Doom, LA Noire, Resident Evil and the soon to be released Wolfenstein 2 on Switch, games for the more mature audience side by side with franchises aimed at younger audiences.

For me as an adult gamer who owns every current gen console, the appeal of the Switch is not only the exclusives like Mario, Zelda and Mario Kart but in the fact it’s a hybrid console that seamlessly can switch between home console and portable console. I’m sure any parent who games appreciates the fact you rarely get time for your hobby when kids are about but the switch adds an extra level in that you can take the full game with you out and about, a feature that you have to try to appreciate fully, like FIFA 18, yes it’s not a full version but only a couple of modes are missing and I can take a near full on, up to date FIFA out and about with me….perfect!

Nintendo have some great games lined up for 2018 already and from some people I know I am reliably informed that there is lots of third party support for this year which can only help the console flourish further. I hope that this console proves doubters wrong because it may not be all singing and all dancing in the graphics department but it’s got great looking games already, plus when did graphics make a game, in the old days many of us were happy making an 8-bit sprite of a plumber or a blue hedgehog run across a screen and still have countless hours of fun.

Here’s hoping for another Nintendo Direct soon!!

Once again thanks for reading.


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