PS VR – A Welcome Surprise.

Since the PlayStation launched its VR headset I will admit to being massively sceptical about whether it would be any good or if it would fall flat on its face. Now being in my thirties I’m not as quick to make an impulse buy. I decided to take the plunge at the beginning of December and what I can say is I’m bloody glad I did!

So once I had it all plugged in and ready to go I decided not to try the games that came in the bundle (Skyrim VR, PlayStation Worlds & Doom VFR), I decided to buy Batman: Arkham VR and let me tell you that game is bloody brilliant!!! I am not usually so eager to praise but the minute I started that game I instantly felt part of the world I could see around me.

The immersive feeling I got was superb, though my head kept saying I’m in my living room, my eyes were looking all around Gotham City. Batman was not the only game to make me feel so involved Doom was very good and creepy to boot as enemies can creep up on you which just made it better.

It may not affect everyone but the first few times you try VR it may give you some motion sickness or make you feel disoriented, my advice is to slowly build up your playtime, a few small sessions that build up overtime is the way I coped. The headset is comfortable

Shoutout by the way to Project Chernobyl on Ps VR, I loved being able to walk around the site and also hear some history and the bargain price is well worth it.


PlayStation VR is great, there are quite a few games out already and they have to be tried to be believed, The cost is pricey but if the games are done well it can be well worth the entry fee so to speak. The ability to use the VR headset to watch 3D movies also is a bonus, sadly I used it to watch a football match and I enjoyed the experience. A great addition to your PlayStation!


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