Wii U Games – To Port or not to Port????

That is the question, now we all know that Wii U didn’t exactly set the world on fire with Hardware sales which in turn meant hardly anyone got to play on some of the fantastic games that were available for the now dead console.Since the Nintendo Switch launched last March there have been a few games from the Wii U ported over Mario Kart 8, Pokken Tournament and the Bayonetta games to name a few, however I am an advocate of porting as many of the games as possible because that way a wider audience will get to appreciate them even more. Ports have done no harm for Microsoft and Sony in the past let’s remember and the Nintendo Switch has sold in big numbers so far.

Now when discussing ports of games the biggest gripe from people is the price of the games. If people have previously paid £40-£50 for the game then obviously there is a reluctance to shell out the same again, so the question becomes then if ports are reasonably priced, say around the £25-£30 mark are they then a more attractive idea???I can see the arguments both for and against the idea of ports but in the instance of games like Zelda or the main Mario series there is usually a long gap between games which means ports can fill a gap and also be a new generations way into a series. Imagine never having played a Zelda game yet picked up a Switch collection including Windwaker HD and Twilight Princess HD what a way to be introduced to the series and even better if the collection was reasonably priced. I recently ran a Twitter poll and the results came back that 60% of voters wanted Twilight Princess HD ported to Switch, so the market is there for the right games.

With the recent release of Toads Treasure Tracker I would hope that some of the other quality titles from the Wii U era would make the transition. Games such as Mario Maker would make a great addition to Switch games library, Star fox Zero could be welcomed also. Hyrule Warriors definitive edition was released not long ago and friends who didn’t have a chance to play it are currently loving it and one of them has spent over 70 hours play time since release. For reasons such as this the Wii U library should be utilised, Nintendo have admitted mistakes in marketing and getting the message out there for Wii U, so to make amends to the gaming public, release the best games on the new platform and hopefully at a reasonable price.

I’m not meaning to sound self entitled however us gamers do pay the price far too often when it comes to these types of thing. Speaking to friends also, the opinion is that games companies aren’t always realistic in terms of pricing structure. You only have to look at the price difference between physical releases and digital through their own shops. If you own nothing tangible and have nothing you could possibly resell then I do not understand how digital games always cost more.

Let us know what you think or how you feel.

Thanks for reading.


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