Nintendo – finally adopting a broad mind.

Maybe they are late to the party but it finally seems that Nintendo have finally realised that something for everyone really does pay off. The Nintendo eshop will see this week the release of Horror games Layers of Fear and Hollow, now these games are not your usual release on a Nintendo console. Wii U launched with the fantastic Zombi U, however that console did not receive many horror titles.It’s not only horror games though that the big N are embracing, we have Payday 2 also releasing this week, we have had the Resident Evil Revelations games and the indie scene has been explosive on the eshop, with many developers stating they have had the best sales on the console. Over the years we know that developers & studios adopt a wait and see stance with Nintendo consoles but since switch has announced itself in a big way Nintendo are actively pushing for studios to bring their games to the system and in some cases are funding the release of games in some regions. One studio to support the Switch in a big way are Bethesda who thanks to studio Panic Button have released DOOM, SKYRIM and later this year WOLFENSTEIN 2 will be released, again games that are common place on your PS4 or Xbone but in recent years would never be seen on Nintendo hardware.According to the so called in the knows online and some people I have spoken with there is more third party support already being worked on for the switch this year, rumours of Fallout 4 and GTAV have been doing the rounds for sometime and considering the studios behind both have already released ports of other games is a great sign moving forward and today porting genius PANIC BUTTON stated that they are regularly receiving requests from studios about putting their games and Nintendo Switch.It would seem that Nintendo have finally decided to accept that other games or series other than Mario, Zelda etc can help with console appeal. What games would you like to see come to Switch?Leave your ideas in the comments section.Thanks for reading


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