Fortnite – Review (Nintendo Switch)

Well the world-wide phenomenon that is Fortnite is now on the Nintendo Switch. For those of us who read the internet even before their e3 Direct we knew that the game was coming to the home/hybrid console.Thanks to People data mining and then uploading the info they had found the surprise was spoilt for all. Now I’m in my mid thirties and Fortnite has never interested me. I own a PS4, Xbox one S and Nintendo Switch and the only console I have downloaded this game on is my Switch…. I got sucked in and I’m not ashamed to say I bloody love the game. It’s simple and fun and makes you want to come back for one more game……I have two young nephews who are completely in love with this game, doing jobs to earn money for v-bucks. Having watched my nephews play both Xbox and PlayStation versions I know that the switch version is obviously not graphically on par BUT it’s good enough and I don’t see why a game such as this needs such fantastic bells and whistles. The game holds a steady frame rate, occasionally dropping from its 30fps but overall it’s an enjoyable experience whether docked or handheld. For me, handheld is where Epic needed to get it right. As the other consoles only offer the home console experience and Switch offers the portability factor too, I’m happy to say Epic succeeded in the handheld mode, it works well and stays steady and looks fantastic. It’s the gameplay which is what keeps us all going back for more. The familiar Battle Royale system is tried and tested and I know we have other games in the genre and that series like Call of Duty and Battlefield are introducing new modes into their next entries just to cash in on the current trend.

I love the simplistic, pick up and play nature of the game. It’s easy and once I’ve come to terms with being shot, to hold B and quickly return to the lobby and start my next match. I have not spent any real money on V-Bucks as yet but I’m sure I’ll get suckered in at some point when I see a costume that grabs my eye.Fortnite is a great addition to the Switch and seeing it on the eshop makes me think that the future certainly is bright for the little console. It’s something we don’t usually see on Nintendo and I hope developers see things like this and think we can do this too!All in all Fortnite is a Brilliant addition to your game library not just because it’s free but because it’s so much bloody fun. You’ll find it very difficult to just play one match in whichever mode you play. I rate this at a solid 8/10.Not bad considering this kind of game is not always aimed at an older generation.

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