Tennis World Tour – Review (Nintendo Switch)

Well this review is a tough one to write, I love tennis and games in the past such as the Top Spin series have always been great and kept me coming back for more, however this game has not aced the serve and has left me wondering if the series can be redeemed.

So let’s serve this up for you, this game has the potential to be fantastic. With some more licensing of arenas, tournaments and players this could be brilliant. There are a few players that most people will recognise but in my opinion there needs to be a bigger roster of players both from the game old and new. I would love to see the likes of Tim Henman or Pete Sampras and maybe even Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe to recreate those classic matches.

There is the ability to create your own player and have him go through a career, this is a great in-depth mode with plenty to keep you busy such as training, tournaments, hiring coaches and managers, you can choose and buy equipment with lots to customise . Where the game falls down is it feels broken or half arsed. It’s been documented recently that the guys behind this game rushed the release to cash in before big tennis tournaments such as Queens, Eastbourne and Wimbledon. If a company wants to rush release a game I sort of understand but make sure you have a patch ready to fix bugs and issues pretty damn quickly.

The issues don’t just affect the Nintendo Switch version either, the PS4 and Xbox One version suffer just as bad so we can all suffer and grumble together. The issues are obvious and can be really annoying, so I was playing a career match the other day and whilst returning shots or making serve the sound of the racket hitting the ball was so out of sync it was annoying to the point it made it harder to keep playing. When serving there is no power meter to determine your speed or strength whilst making a serve, these are little problems but can make the game harder to play. During training, shots don’t always go where you want them to and this becomes increasingly frustrating due to the fact you do these parts to level your character up and lastly the controls can sometimes seem slow or unresponsive usually when returning the ball!!!!!

The online mode has a menu option but is obsolete as you cannot yet play online which is daft. The box states commentary by John McEnroe and I honestly thought I had to turn commentary on in the options cos yet again it doesn’t work. The devs said before this was released on Switch that they delayed it to iron out the problems that hurt the other console versions, well sorry guys you failed. It’s a shame and this review seems pretty negative but trust me when I say I wanted to love this game, there aren’t many main stream tennis games around and I hoped this would bring it back, the devs have been unresponsive to my attempts to contact them on if and when a patch might be coming and it speaks volumes when an interview goes out saying we sold well and made good money on a game we knew was broken – thanks I paid for this game!

The game doesn’t look half bad and bugs aside you can have a bit of fun with this, you can capture your best returns and lobs with the Switch’s capture button and if the team behind it get a patch out and fix the issues I will gladly re-review this game. It speak volumes that in a local game store I saw the price had dropped from £39.99 to £24.99 in two weeks. I’m going to score this game 5/10, it’s a definite must try harder. As always thanks for reading.

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  1. I find it frustrating that when I try to do a specific shot it does something else completely. For example instead of a slice shot it would execute a standard base or topspin shot. The tutorial goes on about the importance of selecting the right shot and what situations they are bet to use in, so it feels like what’s the point if you’re not going to let me do it?

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