Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus – Review (Nintendo Switch)

Well the time has finally come and the Colossus (Sorry) that is Wolfenstein has been released on Nintendo Switch…..and what a game it is.

Panic Button, Who if you don’t know are the team behind bringing this game to the Nintendo Switch and if you don’t know their work then allow me to name drop games such as Rocket League and the fantastic version of Doom from last year. The pedigree of their ability is best seen in Doom but they have done themselves proud with Wolfenstein. For anyone reading who has played Wolfenstein on the PS4 or Xbox One I can hear the cries of “it doesn’t compare graphically”, I can understand your cries but the game looks great on Switch, now it doesn’t have the clear crisp edges of the other consoles or 4K patches and the draw distance may be compromised but this is a triple A game that you can play on Switch AND take with you ANYWHERE. That to me speaks so loudly in favour of the home/hybrid console.

Don’t be fooled either this is not some watered down for Nintendo audience, half arsed port. The full game is here (No word on DLC as yet) , the blood and gore is still apparent and let’s be honest this game wouldn’t be the same without it, likewise with Doom. These games are for the Mature audience and there is no getting away from that. Let’s get in to the story, the game picks up pretty quickly after the previous entries in the series and if you haven’t played them (WHY?) then there is a nice little previously on Wolfenstein to start you off and you can make a choice that will affect your play through such as weapons available etc. You are B.J. Blazkowicz who is fighting in the resistance against the Nazi regime. He is a stereotypical all American, square-jawed hero and boy does he love to kill a Nazi or 20! This game has a great sense of humour and loves to have a few swear words thrown in, just in case the blood splatter wasn’t enough for you.

Panic Button have worked with the Switch hardware since it was in development and have spoken of the help and support Nintendo have given them in how to continuously get the best out of the Hardware and boy have they so far. This game they have gone for maintaining a smooth frame rate and for the most part it seems very consistent. I’m a gamer who once I’m lost in a game I’m too busy trying to destroy a horde of enemies to sometimes notice the odd dropped frame. The performance is sound throughout obviously in handheld or on a big screen you notice the blurry textures or trickery used to help loading times but I say it again, this is a bloody good triple A title that I can take anywhere and I love that. The compromises are there to see but for Switch players/owners this game is a must. I cannot sing the praises of Panic Button any louder, really they have done fantastic work so far and I’m sure they are working on secret projects to be announced because they have showcased how good their work is. The main campaign can last you around 15 hours but what a blast you’ll have In that time. The game has great fast paced combat and will make you want to revisit it to take down your nemesis again and again or find those Star cards or elusive enigma codes. The characters are great and General Engel is such a bad ass!

The choice of weapons is great and you can choose one-handed or dual weapons to dispatch your enemies. You have explosives and massively over the top weapons at your disposal too. You can upgrade your weapons and there are so many little collectibles to grab on your play through it will be a nightmare for those who like to collect everything. The missions are great and can vary in craziness. The game can be testing which is fantastic really. The levels can be fantastically atmospheric too which really helps you to immerse yourself.

The game supports all controllers and unlike Doom at its release supports motion aiming from the start, I opted for the pro controller as I think it’s the most comfortable for first person shooters. The game comes in at around 22gb install and if you buy the physical release you will still need an 8gb download for the complete game so SD cards at the ready. Bethesda have chosen wisely in the list of games released on Nintendo’s little box of tricks and the work that Panic Button have put into making them work is there for all to see. While I understand people not wanting to double-dip on this game it does give more options for Switch owners and shows that third-party support is growing. I can only think the future is bright and this game goes a long way to help that. I really cannot recommend this game enough, I have spent so many hours on this since its release I’m sure it cannot be healthy. It’s a crazy, all guns blazing, Nazi killing masterpiece and it’s now available for you to play at home or on your commute to or from work, what’s not to love. This game gets a solid 9/10 from me and opens the door to more fantastic games in the future. Thanks for reading.

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