Late Shift – Review (Nintendo Switch)

So the popular genre from the 90’s is making a comeback, that’s right the golden age of FMV games is fighting its way on to the scene. Let me say all in all this isn’t a bad little game.

Wales interactive, the team who gave us The Bunker and the Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker have ramped up the tension and action in this thriller “interactive movie”. As a massive movie fan the concept of choosing the outcome is pretty sweet. When the thriller starts you are treated to some glorious footage of London at night, showcasing the hustle and bustle of our nations capital….and buses, yep you read that right.

The mechanics of these types of “game” are nothing too difficult, options come up on-screen and you choose the right decision (or the wrong one, who knows) to drive the story forward. It’s the story that drives you and keeps you interested. It’s a great story and with twists and turns to keep you interested as you head towards the climactic end.

I love the effort that has gone into this and the other games mentioned earlier, the production values are good, story is there and characters are fleshed out enough that you can find yourself empathizing with them. Wales Interactive are stand out for me and I hope more games in this genre are coming as they are a great blend of gaming and entertainment and the movie sequences look good on switch in both docked or handheld.

Our character we play is Matt and you guessed it, he works a Late Shift. He works at night in a car park and dreams of the high-end motors and the fancy life style that comes with them every evening. During a routine check round after a disturbance, Matt finds himself embroiled in a crime and I don’t really want to give away too many more details about the plot as I think you should experience this for yourself.

Now while this may be a choose your adventure book format at its heart I kind of like that. It’s retro and there are enough options to warrant multiple play through. There are different endings too which is great and I find myself trying different options to see how they affect the story each time.

You shape the game and with simple controls this is a great way to waste an hour or two. The cast is great and really try to get you immersed in the seedy world you are watching unfold before you. Now let’s talk space, this download comes in at nearly 7gb which is understandable with all the high quality movie footage.

This game is great fun and the fact you can have a different experience multiple times is value for money. When you complete the story you’ll find a screen to go through your play through and communal decision stats.

I recommend this game and others by Wales Interactive, I hope there are more to come as I will gladly play them too. This is a tension filled story that keeps you interested all the way through and well worth the price, at the time of writing this is on offer in the eshop, so pick it up.

A solid 8/10

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