Mario Kart 8 Deluxe -Review (Nintendo Switch)

Mario and crew race onto Nintendo Switch with a port of the Wii U smash. Does it deliver at speed or limp over the finish line (yeah, I’ve got loads of these)….

Back in the days of the Wii U, when software was hard to come by and new games were a rarity, out of the darkness came Mario Kart 8 and it brought with it and wealth of tracks and characters that would keep the most ardent Nintendo fan happy. Fast forward to now and Nintendo’s new magic box is selling well, has a consistent flow of games releasing and yet here is Mario Kart 8…..Deluxe….

I’m not complaining about this port far from it. In fact I bloody love this game, the best thing to come out of the disastrous Wii U era is that the games DESERVE a re-release as the audience wasn’t there the first time around.

So strap yourself in for a ride as Mario, Luigi and the usual suspects (and some not so usual) jump in their karts or on their bikes for the ride of a life time. I’ll stop.

So when you first start you find familiar options in front of you in the way you can play, there is single player, multiplayer, online or local connection. The way you play is up to you. You can choose Grand Prix, time trials, vs race or battle mode. My options of choice are single player and online (which really brings out the worst in me).

The list of characters to choose as your racer is huge, a total of 42 different Nintendo faves. If you want to race as your Mii that’s an option to (some Amiibo unlock different race suits for your Mii so you can change it up). There are also so many ways in which you can optimise your cart or bike too. Trying to find the right balance on handling, weight and acceleration will keep you busy for a little while.

So we all know the Mario Kart formula by now, race to finish first and if you can take down everyone on the way, even better! Since the beginning on the SNES Mario Kart has been a winning franchise. You need just the right amount of skill as you do luck and that’s a great thing. The multiplayer with friends is amazing…ok this is how sad I am, New Year’s Eve me and three friends were so engrossed in a full on Mario Kart session that we actually missed midnight and when we realised, we just kept playing.

The graphics look sharp and colourful and they stand out brilliantly in HD! The thing I love about Mario kart is the feeling of just one more race, whatever mode you pick up to play you’ll find that. It’s addictive fun and the music is so familiar you can’t help but sing or hum along as you fire your blue shell off into the distance.

Only yesterday Mario Kart received a new update. The breath of the Wild update came with Champions Tunic Link, the Master Cycle, ancient tyres and a new BOTW Paraglide. The best part is it was free!

All in all I know that many people argue on both sides of ports off Wii U games but when the game is as strong as this there cannot be an argument against it. All the separate DLC that was on Wii U is included as standard too. This is brilliant for one player or four. You’ll have hours of fun no matter your age. This scored a fantastic 9/10!

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