Captain Toad Treasure Tracker – Review (Nintendo Switch)

So it’s time for the cute little mushroom headed creatures to step out of the Mario shaped shadow and take centre stage. It’s a port of the Wii U version with a couple of little changes…’s Captain Toad Treasure Tracker!

Let’s get this straight I love this game, but it suffers in my opinion from being best played in short bursts to prolong the life span. This game was born out of the little segments in Super Mario 3D World. Those were a welcome surprise in a Mario game. So they decided to develop a handful of stages into its own game. If you don’t know the premise of the game it’s simple, you guide Toad or Toadette around a 3D diorama. Simple I hear you cry…..but wait there’s more, you have to use the cameras and move them around to discover all the intricate pathways in the fantastically designed levels all the while avoiding the different enemies that inhabit the world with you. All this and you can’t jump!

On your journey across the levels one thing is for sure, the design is amazing and the puzzles are of differing difficulty (try saying that after a few!). You will need to leave no stone unturned as you move around each of the 70 – ish levels. You will move the camera angles around so many times in so many ways to make sure you have discovered everything you can.

The main objectives across the levels tend to be, find the jewels that are hidden and collect the star, now that may sound easy but I did say that these levels are cleverly designed and finding the secrets of each level will prove challenging, kids or big kids (I’m in that bracket somewhere) may get frustrated with this part of the game. Moving toad around the levels can feel slow and sometimes cumbersome, when you think that he comes from the Super Mario games, they can be fast paced and move quickly, this isn’t like that.

This game is full of charm and you cannot help but love the characters of Toad and Toadette, they have so many little animations throughout the game that just make them that little bit more appealing or cuter. The gameplay may become tiresome for some players or you may find yourself frustrated if you spend too long on a certain level. The menu design being like a story book is a cute little touch in the design. The game looks brilliantly vibrant on your TV. Colours just pop on your screen and the visuals are nice and clean. Music as usual with Nintendo is charming and will keep you entertained throughout.

This game has had a few changes since it’s Wii U outing, it used to tie in nicely with Super Mario 3D World but we are on Switch now so it ties in with Super Mario Odyssey and you can unlock levels based on that game as you progress through the game or like me if you have any of the Odyssey Wedding amiibo you can scan that in and unlock the Mario Odyssey levels quicker!

If you can wait and play through the game rather than scan your amiibo then you are a better person than I.


Captain Toads Treasure Tracker is a great game, the large amount of levels and the great design in each will really make you think. Menus can be a bit dull and uninteresting. This game is great to pick up and play through a few levels in a burst plus it’s great for your morning commute. A solid 8/10!

Thanks for reading.

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