TLOZ Ocarina of Time 3D – Review (3DS)

It’s time for a classic game review!

Once upon a time (quite a while ago,I was a little boy) Nintendo re-invented its gaming series in a  massive way and the world according to fans of The Legend of Zelda had never looked so good….the year was 1998 and the system was the magnificent N64. Fast forward to 2011, Nintendo’s latest handheld console has not long launched and is in desperate need of a game to really grab fans attention…..step forward TLOZ Ocarina of Time 3D!

This game is legendary (yeah, I went there), I remember being sick and off school when the original came out on the N64, that didn’t stop me going to grab my copy.

Enough of me walking down memory lane (more later maybe). When you start the game we discover a young Link asleep (does this kid do anything, ever?), Link has been having nightmares about an evil-looking man on horseback. A glowing fairy called Navi meets with the Great Deku Tree and they discuss the boy without a fairy (Link), the Deku Tree instructs Navi to fetch our Hero. Navi flies off through the land of the Kokiri and starts trying to wake our hero. Once Link wakes up he is instructed that the Great Deku Tree wants to see him and now it’s time to explore the world around you.

This vast map (for the time), has many areas, obviously starting in the Kokiri Forest. Once you have completed the forest you will be able to venture out onto Hyrule field and the first time you get out there you start to realise the scale of the game.

Now both Nintendo and Grezzo were trying to improve perfection in most gamers eyes. The game was hailed as a masterpiece when it originally released back in 1998 and it always ranks highly in lists of best games.

When the remaster was announced I, like everyone, assumed this would be just an excuse to tack on 3D graphics to take advantage of Nintendo’s new handheld. How wrong we were. It seemed an impossible task to remake such a definitive classic as Ocarina of Time, but apart from the odd gripe the game looks great and plays brilliantly.

The question most people want to know is how does it look, well that’s justified as it was the biggest change to be made. This game was used to show what the 3DS could do graphically and this game did not disappoint. The game hasn’t changed, the map is the same and everything you remember is still there, Lon Lon Ranch is still in the same place so don’t panic. Textures, models and animations have all been rebuilt from scratch and look brilliant but don’t worry you’ll know your way around.

If dodgy controls are a concern for you then have no fear, a combination of buttons and touch screen helps massively in this version of the classic game. It’s so handy to have your inventory and map on the touch screen, gone are the days of pausing to look at either. I can’t deny that I’m a massive fan of gyro aiming. Again this felt like a gimmick at first but the more you use it the better and more natural it feels.

The real question is does this still hold up as a masterpiece? Yes in every sense. The core game is still there at heart, it’s just had a little clean up and polished for a new audience. If you haven’t played this game even now I have to ask WHY??? I’m serious put down this article or your phone and go buy it now. You have to see what you are missing and if you have played it before then get out your 3DS (or N64 we aren’t fussy) and start it up again!

If I need to sweeten the deal (really?), there are a couple of extra modes on this updated version. Master Quest is included on the cartridge and what a challenge it is, this mode flips everything around and moves stuff around in dungeons. I cannot lie, this mode just messes with me and goes against all my natural instincts. Once you finish the game there is also a Boss mode for you to take on any or all of the Big bads from throughout the game.


This game has been regarded as a masterpiece for 20 years. I cannot recommend this new version enough. The graphical improvements are everything you would want and the subtle additions and new modes make this game a Must Have. The soundtrack is still as awesome as ever and is sure to get you humming along as you play. The addition of gyro aiming is great and the 3D actually adds depth and works well. The work put in by Nintendo and Grezzo to spruce up this title is fantastic.

We award this an outstanding award 10/10!

Thanks for reading, Maybe Majora’s Mask for our next retro review.

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