Twitter Competition!

We are running a Twitter competition. What this means is if we can get our Twitter followers up to 150 and increase our site traffic (we need you!), then we will do a giveaway for a Nintendo eshop £20 or $20 card….who knows if this reaches higher we might do both!

Be aware you will need a UK or EU eshop account or a North American eshop account. We need you guys to spread the word about our site and help us reach new heights!

Check us out on Twitter, click the link below and tell your gaming friends, because everyone loves a freebie!

Ancient Gamer Reviews

Thanks for reading,

Neal & the Ancient Gamer Team.


I am a 35-year-old who loves all things Nintendo. I have loved the big N since I first got my NES at Christmas all those years ago. My favourite game series are Zelda, Bioshock and Mario games. Love my football and Liverpool are my team. I hope you like what we are putting together here.

Feel free to connect through twitter.

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