Weekly Round Up – A busy few days.

It’s Saturday and hope you’re all having a great weekend of gaming  so far.

I thought I would take this opportunity to go through the new and exciting things that have been announced or discussed in the world of gaming this week.

Red Dead Redemption II:

This week saw the release of gameplay footage from the eagerly awaited Rockstar sequel. The game looks phenomenal and is sure to be a crowd pleaser upon release. The way that these games are lovingly and painstakingly created for gamers is just amazing. Levels of detail are always high and you can be sure you will get your money’s worth…come on who isn’t still playing GTA V!

Keep up to date on all things RED DEAD:



Nintendo Switch Online:

It was also confirmed this week that the Nintendo paid for online service will launch in the second half of September. Included in the very reasonable price structure are

  • Online Play
  • Up to 20 NES games with added multiplayer.
  • Save data back up via cloud
  • Nintendo’s Online app
  • Special offers for members.
  • As this service launches we will bring you more information on what offers become available and how the servers hold up.

Smash Bros Ultimate Direct & Limited Edition:

The Nintendo Direct based around the hugely anticipated fighting game gave us lots of new info. New fighters were added into the fray (Simon and Richter Belmont, Chrom and Dark Samus and not forgetting King K Rool).

There was also the announcement that the game would have 103 stages and over 800 music tracks!

Nintendo confirmed the single player mode would return too. Yesterday emails were being received to say the Limited Edition was available to Pre-order. I know my credit card had no chance once that email was received. Inside the lovely packaging you will find your copy of the game (I know, I’m stating the obvious with this one), a very cool looking Steelbook, a Smash Bros Gamecube controller and Gamecube adaptor. This set will set you back £89.99 on the Nintendo UK Store .

Doom Eternal is coming to Nintendo Switch

Gaming powerhouse that is Bethesda have announced that the Direct sequel to the smash hit Doom will be releasing on the little box of tricks. Not only did they announce that but masters of Switch hardware and porting games, Panic Button have also declared they are working on the game for Nintendo Switch.

The best news perhaps is that it will release on the same day as other platforms! Panic Button did say that release dates for Switch should start to catch up this year as developers learn more about the hardware, providing this doesn’t change it would be fantastic to see Switch keep up with releases on other consoles.

Check out the PS4/XBOX Trailer below:

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