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Written by Marianne Riggs, a freelance writer. Away from their traditional PC roots, point and click games have found a second home on the Nintendo Switch. Although point and click games such as Thimbleweed Park are released on multiple platforms, the successful sales figures of these games suggest the Nintendo Switch hardware is the perfect fit for this genre. Originally a PC release, Detective Gallo, developed by Footprints Games,  launches on the Nintendo eShop and PlayStation 4 this week.

At first, I was not completely sure if this title was for me. The whole thing is a bit odd but the more I played, the more I loved its quirkiness. For a start, all the characters are chickens, because why not? A serial plant killer is on the loose and namesake Detective Gallo is hired to catch this cold-blooded plant killer. All detectives have an assistant to help with an investigation, in this case, Gallo’s assistant is a small cactus plant appropriately name ‘Thorn’. He doesn’t talk, but he accompanies Gallo on his investigation and ‘gives advice’ when he needed. I know it sounds absurd and doesn’t make sense, but go along with it, I promise it is fun. One brilliant quirk is the “breaking of the fourth wall” with the title character, Detective Gallo directing his speeches or monologues towards you, the player, which is very “Deadpool-like” and very meta.

One well thought out feature was when you pressed ZR on the control, it activated ‘Gallo’s Sense’. During this feature, Gallo closes his eyes as if he were a Jedi reaching out to the force, and all the interactive items in the environment are highlighted. Players that have played point and click games before, know that it can be easy to accidentally miss an object without realizing so, thus to have the option to check that you have not missed anything is a welcome benefit. I also noticed that there were touchscreen controls, a feature not always used by developers.

All good point and click games have entertaining characters to bring the story to life and Detective Gallo’s roster does just this. The voice acting is great, which not all indie games of this type can boast about. There is nothing worse than poor voice acting to spoil the enjoyment of a game but luckily that is not an issue here. Furthermore, the art style here is brilliant and the characters and backdrops are so well presented you will be impressed to learn that each is hand illustrated, whereas it looks like a high-quality cartoon and I often felt like I could be watching an episode of Ducktales. The way the game is presented is fantastic and the music style adds to the Crime-Noir feel throughout the game.

The puzzles within the game are not overly difficult and are fairly straightforward. A few can be annoying to solve and require more thought than others. The game does try to nudge you in the right direction with subtle little hints to suggest what you need to do. I got stuck a few times but after taking a break and coming back I would often solve it without too much trouble and curse myself for struggling the first time around! Make sure you pay attention to conversations as the temptation to skip ahead may often lead you away from your goal. You will meet plenty of characters to interact with and talk to.

If you are a fan of adventure games and do not already have this in your collection, I would definitely recommend it. It’s not groundbreaking by any means, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth your time and enjoyable to play. At under £15 on the Nintendo eShop, I would say this is very reasonably priced and I had fun whilst playing.


This is a fun and enjoyable game, the story, and characters are suited to this style. The re-emergence of point and click style games is a welcome one and this game is certainly worth your money. Fans of the genre will enjoy this game. I hope that the developers can find another story for Detective Gallo to solve as a sequel would be good and great to explore the character further. I enjoyed this game and I hope you have enjoyed reading my thoughts on it. Many thanks to MixedBag Games for supplying us with the game, please check them out.


This review was edited by freelance writer, Marianne Riggs. She is a self-described exhausted mum. Follow her on Twitter.

This game was provided by MixedBag Games for the purposes of this review.

No copyright infringement is intended, I do not claim ownership of any of the images used in this article, all credit to the original image providers.


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