Diablo III Eternal Collection coming to Switch

So thanks to a leak in an article written by Forbes this week, the fantastic Diablo III Eternal Collection has now been confirmed for Nintendo Switch!

That’s not all, it will also feature all previously released DLC, Online co-op and Zelda items throughout as part of the partnership with Nintendo. Blizzard’s dungeon crawler is another welcome addition to an already fine roster of games to hit the Switch before the year ends. There have been many rumors surrounding this game for quite some time and the Blizzard Tweet which got everyone’s tongues wagging was a wonderful stroke of teasing. Blizzard is reporting that the game will stay constant at 60 FPS docked or handheld.

The press release teases exactly what to expect and the game sounds great, this is taken directly from the release:

Diablo III is the fastest-selling PC game of all time**. The Reaper of Souls expansion introduced the mighty Crusader class, the infinitely-replayable Adventure Mode, and a host of other game-defining features, like the random loot-filled Nephalem Rift dungeons. In 2017, Rise of the Necromancer resurrected the fan-favorite Necromancer class from Diablo II, bolstering players’ forces with the gruesome powers of blood and bone. All of this is included in Diablo III Eternal Collection for the Nintendo Switch system, on top of platform-exclusive bonus items, like The Legend of Ganondorf cosmetic armor set, inspired by the iconic villain from The Legend of Zelda series.

We can’t wait for this game and again it gives hope of what else is still to be announced in Nintendo’s holiday line-up. This game will really showcase what the home-hybrid console can do. We would still love to see a Switch version of GTA V or Bioshock Collection, fingers crossed.

Check out the official Diablo III Switch site

Official Diablo III Trailer:

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