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Developed By: CINIC Games

Published By: MixedBag Games

Current Price: £13.49 / $14.99

Let me start by saying for a game with death as a central theme this game is full of life and fun and loads of pop culture references that will keep you entertained (trust me, there’s something for everyone).


This game starts with two friends, Ronald and Skinny going for a picnic and disaster strikes due to an allergic reaction to a plum that Skinny had no idea about and poor old Skinny dies (Not Kidding), all this happens quite quickly and poor Skinny turns into a skeleton and has to save his friend Ronald’s soul from eternal damnation and he only has a certain amount of time to do it. The only problem with that is Ronald has not spoken a word since this all happened and time is now running out for Skinny to get his friend to admit his “crime” and save his soul. When we join the story Skinny comes out of his Wardrobe (see what they did there), to discover that this is moving day for Ronald and his family…and Ronald is nowhere to be seen.

This is where the fun begins, I mean the tutorial I really enjoyed. The interaction between Skinny and the Voice over guy was enjoyable and amusing. Just learning the controls in the bathroom was quite cool. This is also where we start to meet the wonderfully odd characters that fill this game. Let me start by saying the Bathroom rug that is a bear made me laugh, cos not only is he a rug but he is also in love with the rubber duck on the corner of the bath, I mean random as hell but why the hell not. I actually love the fact that the game doesn’t take itself too seriously like I mentioned earlier with such a dark subject matter like death it needed the injection of life that it has.

The look of the game is fantastic, I mean the drawn characters and backdrops are colorful and look amazing. The developers have hand drawn more than 40 different locations for the game and the effort is not lost on me, I cannot say how eye-catching this looks. The different locations all have different pop culture references and there are so many that you will keep trying to spot more. I mean from characters to pictures on walls, down to Captain America’s shield there is something for everyone.

The point and click genre is truly alive and well and this game is another fine example of how they can be done right, it joins the ranks of recent games like Thimbleweed Park. The story is good, the production values are there, it is funny and clever, whilst dealing with the subject matter of death. This game is so full of life. This game is a nod to classic games from years ago. When the game starts its very much like you are back in the 90s (except the graphics, I mean come on), with a 2D point and click adventure game in the style of Day of the Tentacle and Monkey Island. If More games like this are on their way then that’s no bad thing. If the games keep coming in the same vein as this I couldn’t be happier and we also have Grim Fandango Remastered still to come on Switch.

One thing that really brings the game together is the voice cast, the team behind the characters are great and none more so than Skinny, the delivery is perfect and in all honesty, the way in which the put-downs are delivered and the deadpan tone is pitch perfect and only adds to the enjoyment of the game. The background music is of a jazz style, the problem for me was that when I was engrossed in the game I really didn’t take much notice of that which is a shame but when I get into a game I focus on the task in hand and the soundtracks usually fade into the background.

I am sure by now that you will have played or heard how to play a point and click adventure and The Wardrobe is no different. So let’s start with the usual, there is a pointer or arrow and you move it over items or directions and then you click. If you press the R button this will bring up any item, person or thing that can be used or moved or manipulated. There are multiple options for items, you can look, take, use or speak. Don’t forget you can also use the touchscreen and/if you are playing this in handheld, which it is nice to see this being utilized more by developers.

Lastly lets move onto puzzles. While we expect these as a staple of any good point and click, some of them are a pain in the…but once you get through them the game has a way of keeping you engrossed. Until the next one.


This game was provided by MixedBag Games for the purposes of this review.

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