Night Trap Trailer -Finally on Nintendo

Since 1992 some of us (It can’t just be me?) have wanted to see Night Trap appear on a Nintendo console.

Well, Yesterday that moment came!

Howard Lincoln (Chairman of Nintendo at the time) told Senators that this game would never appear on a Nintendo system….yeah about that…

I for one am really happy, I mean so much so that I have ordered a normal physical version, a Collectors Edition and the digital version on the eshop. I will admit that this game is such a massive nostalgia kick for me and I am sure that a review will be incoming in time. If you are old enough to remember this the first time around then why not pick it up and remind yourself of the good old days.

Check Out the 25th Anniversary Switch Trailer below:

Thanks for looking and I hope you love the game or get a massive nostalgia boost from it!

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