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Tiny Hands Adventure

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Developed by: Funware

Published by: Blue Sunset Games

Current Price: £13.99 / $12.74 at time of writing (usual price $16.99)

Tiny Hands Adventure is a platform adventure where you take control of Borti, a tyrannosaurus rex from the village of Dinoburg. Right from the get go Borti admits “I have a problem”. What is his problem I hear you ask? Borti likes to play as goalkeeper when playing football with his friends and having tiny T-rex hands really puts him at a disadvantage as you can imagine. Instead of taking up a different hobby, Borti asks for help from Florella the fairy. Florella agrees to make some tools that could help Borti in exchange for collecting gems scattered in different worlds and defeating the Guardians that inhibit them.

Let the adventure begin…

There are over 20 levels to complete through Borti’s adventure. It’s impossible to collect everything within the levels on the first playthrough. However as you progress further into the game and unlock more tools from Florella, you can go back and use the tools to collect any gems you missed previously adding to its replayability. Initially Borti can only swing his tail, roll into or jump on to enemies to defeat them but as more tools are unlocked you can also use them to attack enemies. I found it a bit hit or miss whether I would hit an enemy with Borti’s tail but found it a lot easier jabbing them with my drill or swinging my extendable grabber at them. Some obstacles require Borti to crawl or slide underneath them but on the whole Tiny Hands Adventure, as with other platformers, involves a lot of well timed jumping from A to B. This is a lot easier said than done depending on the level!

Visually Tiny Hands Adventure looks great with many different worlds to explore.

Graphically the game looks good and performs well in both handheld and docked modes. One issue that I should mention is that Borti can partially walk through some of the environmental textures. Although this doesn’t affect the gameplay in itself, it’s a little bit of polish the game is lacking. On a few occasions the game would freeze and I would have to restart and lose the progress I had already made in the level. While reviewing the game Funware released a patch and have announced via Twitter a further update in the near future with further fixes and adjustments which is welcome news. They also teased a new level “Stone Summer” which will be available with the new update.

The loading times for Tiny Hands Adventure are speedy and you don’t have to wait long between levels or reloading from the last checkpoint, or safe zones as they are called in this game. The brisk loading times was one of the reasons I found the game highly addictive to play. Whenever I died I would think, ‘I’ll just have another go’, or, ‘Just one more try’. I found it hard to put down at times because it was far too easy to start playing again.

A lot of thought has gone into the level design and credit must go to the developers for creating such varied worlds. For example there are top down levels where you have to navigate Borti through a maze-like environment and a level called ‘Comic Land’ which has a completely different graphic style to the rest of the game. Admittedly some of the levels are fairly straight forward with very little challenge involved to get to the end. On the other hand there are many levels that are annoyingly difficult and I found myself losing many lives over.

The first guardian battle puts you up against Herman the water guardian. I found defeating him extremely frustrating and there were occasions where I died and didn’t know why at first. Eventually I succeeded and was relieved to move on to the next world. This is in complete contrast to the second guardian who I swiftly disposed of after losing only one life. Overall the game is not overly challenging and is suitable for gamers of all ages to play.

If you can’t beat them, join them.

Tiny Hands Adventure is not a ground breaking platformer by any means. Everything in the game has been seen or done before in other games of the same genre but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have fun playing it. The developers recognise this by paying homage to one of the most acclaimed platform games, Crash Bandicoot, in one of the levels. They’ve replicated the level where Crash is running away from a giant Raiders of the Lost Ark style boulder while having to avoid gaping holes and awkwardly placed enemies. Some could argue that this is completely unoriginal and lazy but in my opinion I think it’s a respectful nod to one of the best in the genre.

Borti travels to many different worlds on his adventure including the jungle, an abandoned railway, swamps and the seaside to name but a few.


This game was provided by Blue Sunset Games for the purposes of this review.

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