In Conversation with SunEater Studios

SunEater Studios, are a game studio based out of Orlando Fl. These guys introduced me to the first game they are currently working on, its name is Locus Flux. They describe this game as a 3D, twin stick, on rails, cyberpunk Adventure.

We sat down to ask them just a few questions, let’s see what they had to say.

Hey Joshua thanks for joining us, I have a few questions for you so our readers can learn about you, your game and a few other things. Let’s get started:

  • So you are developing a Cyberpunk themed game called Locus Flux, what can you tell our readers about it?

Joshua: It’s an on-rails third-person shooter with very simple and fun mechanics. Play as our hero who is fighting to take back his city from a money hungry organization threatening life as we know it. Blast your way through Sun Eater System’s drones as they try to stop you from reaching their facilities. We are going for a fast-paced experience and addicting gameplay to satisfy the player, leaving them hungry for more action.

  • Have you faced any issues with the development of the game, and if so how have you overcome them?

Joshua: We are currently remaking the game, so I’m going to talk mainly about the current issues. As of right now, it has been a challenge to get the enemy projectile to predict the player’s position. It’s also been difficult to get the player, camera and crosshair to behave as expected, but we are definitely getting closer to success. At the moment it is hard to tell what other programming or art issues we will have since we are so early in development. Money has also been a problem for us since we still have to attend our day jobs and work on the game at night with what little time we have left. It would be nice to work on this all day and have it released as soon as possible. Another issue would be me, as the artist, switching from maya to blender due to blender being free software. What takes me 10 minutes to do in maya has proven to be much more difficult in a new platform such as blender, but I’m learning!

  •  Have any other video games or movies influenced the game or it’s theme at all?

Joshua: Definitely Blade Runner 2049, I have always had a fascination with the cyberpunk theme along with synth wave music. Our gameplay also resembles that of Star Fox so we have been using that as a reference. Cyber Punk 2077 is a new game coming out (soon hopefully) and is now a huge influence for our team.

  • What games have had an influence on you as developers?

Joshua: I love the concept of addicting games with beautifully defined mechanics and clean graphics. I used to play a game called Down Well on my phone with only three simple mechanics, (run, jump, and shoot) but you can only shoot downward. Every time you shoot the screen would shake which was very satisfying. The player animation was so simple, yet fluid, which surprised me for a mobile game. The game’s simplicity easily made me want to pick it up and go as far as I could in order to beat my score, and all this wrapped up in a beautiful, neat aesthetic. We hope to achieve something very similar with this game. If you ever have the chance to play Down Well you would be doing yourself a favor.

  • You talked about releasing this game on PC and possibly mobile, with other developers finding success on the platform, would the Nintendo Switch be something you considered?

Joshua: Definitely. As we spoke about the game throughout its development, we realized that it’s best played with two analog sticks and trigger buttons. The Switch would be a perfect platform, as it is a very mobile device and has all the buttons you really need.

  • How long have you been together as a team and developing for?

Joshua: We are a group of three at the moment and we have been working on projects throughout college for about two years now. This was our last project before graduating and we have realized the potential it has. Though we had a lot more people the last time around, we are the only three to see this project come through for the second time.

  •  When are you looking to release Locus Flux?

Joshua: We have no actual release date in place, but definitely no longer than a year.

I have just a final couple of questions for you, these are based on your preferences in gaming.

  • What is your favorite console of all time?

Joshua: I can’t speak for the rest of the team but I’ve got to go ahead and say ps3. There were so many games that opened my mind to story-telling through video games, from Heavy Rain to God of War. I am also a huge Gran Turismo fan.

  • What is your favorite game of all time?

Joshua: Definitely Spiderman 2!

Thanks for your time and we hope to hear more about the game soon.

We have been provided with a trailer for the original game which the team are currently remaking – see below:


We have also been given some artwork from the team, take a look:

Check these guys out on twitter – @sun_studios

A massive thanks to Joshua Vega for talking to us here at Ancient Gamer Reviews.