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If you haven’t heard of the action-adventure/RPG title Sikanda then are you looking in the right places?

I got to ask Stefan Kohl Founder of Dyadic Games, some questions about the release. The team has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the release. Click the link to see their Kickstarter page Sikanda Kickstarter Campaign


Stefan, thanks for agreeing to this Q&A, let’s begin so you are developing an action-adventure/RPG title Called Sikanda, what can you share with our readers about the game?

Stefan: Sikanda is a fantasy Action-Adventure with RPG elements inspired by genre classics from the 90s. The game takes place on an island called Galintrea and focuses on a transformable weapon named Sikanda. Players can choose to play as a boy or a girl and go on an epic journey with Sikanda to stop the evil scheme that threatens the island’s existence. The game uses 2D top-down puzzle mechanics and adds new ways to interact with them by using the various transformations of Sikanda.

During the development of Sikanda have you faced any issues and if so how have you overcome them?

Stefan: The biggest issue probably was the project growing out of some private hobby thing into something more serious without having an art director who defined the style of the game early on. So when I was in demand for 2D and 3D assets, I started hiring freelancers. However, some of them were completely unreliable and didn’t show up for several months just to deliver something incomplete or inconsistent in the end. Furthermore, the farther we got into development, the more obvious it became that without concepts on how the final game should look, it’s hard to keep artists focusing on a particular style. After Kickstarter is over, we are taking a step back and try to find a unique and consistent art style for Sikanda.


How many members are there in your team and how long have you been together?

Stefan: The core team consists of five people, not counting the latest additions. Also, there are 5–10 contributors who sometimes help out on making assets. However, I’m the only person working full-time on this project while everybody else is a freelancer hired on demand. Someone called this the “Austrian model” with a wink to Moon Studios (Ori and the Blind Forest). As said before, there has been a fluctuation of artists, but most artists currently on board joined in 2016 or 2017.

Have any other video games influenced the game or its theme at all?

Stefan: There is no denial that Sikanda was heavily influenced by The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and several Action-RPGs released in the early to mid 90s. However, also games like Final Fantasy and Xenoblade Chronicles inspired me, especially when it comes to storytelling and characters.

You are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the release of the game, would you like to take an opportunity to explain to our readers some of the benefits of backing its release?

Stefan: If people are interested in playing this game, they will get the best deal through Kickstarter. This is not only because of extra rewards which are not part of a regular edition. Backers can get early access to an alpha version of the game earlier than anybody else and will also receive news to internal project updates which are not available to the public. This means that their feedback will have greater impact on the final product. In short, backers will have more influence on the development of the game than any other player.

When are you looking to release Sikanda on Nintendo Switch?

Stefan: We have set an official release date of February 28th, 2020.

If Sikanda is successful are there any plans for a sequel or do you have another game in mind you would like to release?

Stefan: There are ideas for a sequel in a cyberpunk setting. However, with everything being told in Sikanda, I think it doesn’t make much sense to continue the story and I’d rather start over with something completely new.


Finally, I have a few questions on your gaming habits,

What is your favorite games console of the past and can you explain why?

Stefan: It’s hard to pick between the SNES and the PSX, but I think I like the SNES more because it has more timeless classics released for it. Also, I think games at the peak of the 16-bit era aged better than early 3D console games.

What would you say is your favorite game of the last 20 years and why?

Stefan: Another tough one… I guess Final Fantasy VII is out as it was released in 1997. It’s probably Xenoblade Chronicles based on how intensely I was playing it. It also brought me back into the recent generations of games after hardly playing anything aside from retro games for almost five years up to its release.

Who would you say are your biggest influences in the industry from the likes of Nintendo, Square-Enix, Sony etc and why?

Stefan: I think Nintendo had the biggest influence on me as a game developer because they always put gameplay first instead of trying to win a competition on hardware power or super realistic graphics. This might also be the reason why many indies feel home on the Nintendo Switch which embodies perfectly what Nintendo stands for.

Stefan, I would like to thank you for your time and for answering our questions for our readers. We are so excited for this game and love the retro feels it gives us. Check out the KICKSTARTER PAGE

Check Out The Kickstarter Trailer Below:

We really hope that this game gets enough backers as we really love the looks and style of Sikanda. Stefan and his team are working hard to make sure they deliver a fantastic experience for everyone. At the time of writing the Kickstarter is a third of its way to its goal and it still has two weeks to go!

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