Mu Legend – Review (PC)

MU Legend is the latest development by WEBZEN in the MU series (MU online and MU origin), It is also the latest installment of its kind in the ‘dungeon crawler’ experience.

It envelops you into a world of dark fantasy with a huge element of the “hack ‘n’ slash” genre whilst also being the most addictive and time-consuming MMO I have come across! I can’t stress this enough! I downloaded this game from steam 3 weeks ago, and I can honestly say I don’t think a day has gone by where I haven’t put at least 6-8 hours into this!

Spanning across 5 classes, with each offering specifics designed to your gameplay, whether it be tanks, healers, damage dealers, mages or the good old fashion assassins! Each class comes with unique stats, abilities, and weapons. In game loot drops for all classes, so it is irrelevant which class you are, offering you the ability to trade with your friends to help level them up a little quicker.


Like most games of the genre the world is split into 2, heavily dominated by the PvE side of things with an unparalleled amount of missions within each of the 7 regions (Well that’s from what I can currently see, who knows what waits beyond this) with each of these regions consisting of anywhere between 4 and 6 smaller regions inside with plenty of locations to explore inside each of those smaller regions, such as smaller single player dungeons and the rift (which we will come to shortly)

The entire questing system of this game is just laid out beautifully everything is broken down into 3 quest types, you have your main quest line set as gold, your normal or side quests are set as blue, and simple fetch quests and quick XP quests are set as pink. Anyone who has a quest to offer you has a colored exclamation above there heads, if you are currently undertaking a quest for them its a faded out colored arrow, and if you have a quest to turn into them then they have a shining colored tick. All of this is also displayed on your map, making quest monitoring ridiculously easy allowing you to focus on the more important things like leveling and collecting new gear.

Another unique characteristic of this game is a dual leveling system, which I greatly prefer to many games such as this I have played in the past. You have your regular levels, which comprises of XP earned from missions and just generally killing monsters and beasts throughout the lands, then you have the soul level, which is virtually earned the same way just in lower amounts. The soul level enables you to develop your character’s base starts in whichever manner you like, split down into 4 tabs covering offensive play, defensive play, team play, and all others. So if you are usually a solo player that likes farming dungeons on your own you can have all your attack or critical damage stats followed by your damage mitigations and health, making you one hell of a tank!

Now the best bit, Dungeons! The life and soul of the looting in this game! WEBZEN has developed these dungeons in an absolutely fantastic manner and with a scope that covers all players no matter what level you are, offering ‘modifiers’ to allow you to alter the dungeon levels to suit your characters level, so you have the option to group up with either your friends, go solo or use the in-built matchmaking system to find yourself a party……then do what we do best, dive in head first, smash everything up and come out with a spanking new set of armor!

They do also have a variety of dungeons available, the rift is a smaller dungeon which can be accessed and farmed 5 times a day, then within the second region of Ohdor in the community marketplace you can search for a small portal leading to a room of 5 of the tougher dungeons with a small looking man who offers bounties for each dungeon providing extra loot at a tougher cost!

The end game content of this game is very replayable and offers a beautiful array of high-end and shiny new gear offering you more of a chance to beat on the guy who is standing there offering out 1 v 1s to everyone who walks by!

The thing that makes this game a little difficult for me is the number of merchants! I’m talking, like 40 odd different merchants in the marketplace! So it’s a massive and daunting task of remembering which vendor does what, who you need to go to when and where they are! On top of this the crafting aspect is rather complex, requires a massive amount of farming to find what you need, but certain elements don’t have much specificity when it comes to crafting, for example, you can have pets within the game, you can level them so far and then almost evolve and develop them to bigger greater creatures with greater stats but to further your pets you need certain materials to do this but as of yet I am still unaware of what I need to progress my little buddy!



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