Realpolitiks – Review (Nintendo Switch)


Developer: Jujubee Games

Publisher: Forever Entertainment

Price: £22.49 (on offer at time of writing £20.24) // $24.99

I love my politics. No, wait….hear me out!

I love keeping up with current affairs and whenever there is an election either here in the UK or in the USA I can usually be found sitting on my sofa with the television on, surrounded by snacks, drinks, and tech devices to read more about the event. Two of my favourite comedy programs center around politics (the thick of it & Veep) and they are both sharp, funny and apparently closer to reality than you would really like.

So what’s not to love about a game running your own country, let’s march on into Realpolitiks.



Now I am new to this type of game and to be honest I am really glad that I played through the tutorials (there are three of them), as I can well believe that I would have been totally at sea without them. I mean this game is quite in depth and I really didn’t realise how much you can do. So you play the game as a leader of a country and your aim/goal is to make the country the best. I can happily say that my competitive streak is always up for that.

You have different means at your disposal to try and tackle other countries such as diplomacy, espionage, military, and economic power. Now there are also some issues that obviously are going to throw the odd spanner in the works like terrorism, financial crisis, and medical epidemics. Who knew running a modern country could be so full on?

I am not known for my strategy at all and the term rushing into things is probably how I would describe me as a gamer. The game isn’t that hard I am just not the great dictator that I thought I would be. The game works well and like all good strategy games has enough options to keep you busy.

The loading screens for me are the work of genius. Each loading screen has a different world leader, like Donald Trump for example as a hotel worker. They made me smile and I just loved the creativity.



In your quest to make your country the greatest you have one hundred years to achieve your goal. You really won’t need this. With the amount of different mechanics at your disposal, that could be for international relationships or internal politics. You have the option when you start out to take control of any country you want. Your ultimate aim is to lead your nation to glory, in essence, this game is like Football Manager for world domination.

I have to admit to you guys, my biggest issue with this game is that I found it difficult to play in handheld mode. I’ll be honest I wear glasses and I really needed them when playing this in portable mode. The screen has quite a bit on it and it’s really tough for a player to read the small text. Everyone who has purchased a Switch will tell you that one of its biggest selling points is the portability that it has and for most games, that’s absolutely true, but not this one.



Developers Jujubee has tried so hard to keep this game standing tall, I just think sometimes less is more. There are lots of things to do in this game, build your countries infrastructure, military expansion or do you put up taxes? The choice is yours and you can be the leader you want to be.

In all honesty, there are so many choices in the game it can feel overwhelming at times. I felt the tutorials helped me to find my way around. There are three modes:

  • The World is not enough – with its sandbox style sees you tasked with controlling a nation and expanding its politics and influence however you see fit.
  • The Dawn of tomorrow – set after the events of a nuclear war, your task is to rebuild a nation following the aftermath of world destruction.
  • The New World Order – every nation within the world starts the game on an even stats and, within the constraints of time, the fastest developing country wins the race for world domination.


Now, something I hadn’t banked on is the cause and effect issues that can affect your country from your decision making. Honestly, I didn’t realise how much I would have to think my decisions through. Realpolitiks is a game I didn’t expect to see on the Nintendo Switch but it certainly adds to the ever-expanding library of games available. I think of this game very much like the board game RISK. There are that many political elements in here from voting to sanctions and it all adds to make this a great strategy game.



I have to be honest I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this grand strategy game but, I’ll say this it’s got enough in it to keep players interested. The different modes will add to the replay value of the game and I think fans of strategy games will be hard pressed to ignore this title. It’s not perfect by any standards and the handheld mode can be a struggle but if you want a full on political strategy based game that isn’t a board game then look no further.


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