Time Carnage – Review (Nintendo Switch)

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Developer: Wales Interactive

Publisher: Wales Interactive

Price: £9.99 // $12.99 

Time Carnage


If you thought light gun games were a thing of the past or for arcades only then think again. Wales Interactive have given us an all-new take on the light gun genre NOW with all-new motion controls thanks to your trusty Joy cons. Let’s jump through time and load up as we find out what kind of carnage lies ahead.

So you have a few options when you start but, let’s kick off with the Campaign. You will start off with a futuristic layout. The only way to start is with the 4th Millennium area and in turn, each area is split into 4 sub-areas. You will visit Midtown, Suburbs, Sewers, and Warehouse.you will be asked to set your load-out before your mission begins. With your first Time Jump, you’ll notice this is not your normal on-rails shooter. Your character’s movement is limited to turning on the spot. Your aim is vital as all kinds of creatures and monsters make their way towards you……

Waves of monsters will head towards you

Each level you will face a number of waves of monsters and creatures. You will find yourself facing off against the likes of Zombies, dinosaurs and all other kinds of creatures to keep your trigger finger happy. Your aim is to stay alive and survive every wave. This isn’t too difficult, even choosing between the different difficulty levels. Once you survive your way through each sub-level, you will unlock either perks or new weapons for your loadout. As you finish each sub level you will unlock the next area to Time Jump to. The campaign is fun, I was surprised how much I enjoyed myself with it and the controls were easy to use and responsive.

You have a choice of control schemes should you struggle with one, I have no doubt you will find one that suits your style of play. The first one I want to talk about is the pro-controller. This operates in a really user-friendly way and is so easy to use and the wonderful guys at Wales Interactive have even included gyro-aiming from the get-go. The next control system is your Joy-cons, these work like your old light gun of the past BUT with the added fun of motion controls. Now for those who are skeptical of motion controls just being tacked on I think it works really well, and trust me, I am not always a believer in motion controls. Want to play with a friend, give them a joy-con and away you go. The handheld mode works really well. I really wanted to see all aspects and make sure they work and I wasn’t disappointed by the way that the handheld works in this game. The aiming is quick and fast by moving the system (like you would in Ocarina of time), The graphics look good on the smaller screen and it still performs well.

There are various locations for you to clear.

With regards to the story, you are part of a team who are looking to rebuild society for the human race. You are visiting the different time periods/locations to discover if they are habitable or if they pose any potential threat. This is what I could make out from a small box of text in one of the menu screens. It sounds like the premise of the failed tv show Terra-Nova (Just me, ok). The fact you can’t really do anything with the time travel mechanic is a shame.

Now when it comes to Arcade mode, you will come up against all the main monsters from each area, you can also select the location you want to go to and add perks to your weapons. This mode is fun and you can lose some time playing this. The Challenge mode is where you can really have some fun. There are 10 different scenarios for you to take on, it might be that you are given a certain weapon or maybe you only face one kind of monster in the challenge. You will find that having fun with your load outs it great and working out which weapons work best for you. Most of my time is spent in all modes trying to up my accuracy, I was never going to settle on only 33% – seriously I know I’m better than that!

Welcome to Jurassic Park – With Guns!

On the whole, the graphics aren’t bad. The monsters that head towards you look good and don’t seem to blur. The textures in the background are good too. Each time period that you visit looks good in either mode. This game is nothing genre-breaking and you may find it odd that your character doesn’t actually move during the levels, BUT allow me to say that this game is fun. I don’t always need a game to blow me away on every front. Sometimes you want a game to just be FUN! Like movies (Fast & Furious I am looking at you), sometimes we just want something that we can leave our brain at the door and enjoy and Time Carnage is that game. It has enough that I will keep coming back, whether that’s the challenges or the work I have to do on my accuracy. This is a fun game that you can pick up and play. It will keep you entertained through the wave-based challenges that lie ahead. This was released on PS VR back in April this year and I didn’t even know about it and I have VR. I am going to say I am glad this has a Nintendo Switch release otherwise I may never have played it.

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