Danger Mouse The Danger Games Review

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Developer: 9th Impact

Publisher: 9th Impact

Price: £4.49 // $4.99 (Nintendo eshop)


Danger Mouse, where to start? Well he’s amazing, he’s fantastic, wherever there is danger he’ll be there. The powerhouse that keeps kids and big kids (hello) entertained has returned and this time in video game form. The Danger Games from 9th impact is a fun race game for kids from ages 6-12, although I’m 35 and I’m loving it.

Let’s limber up and race with Danger Mouse!

Once you load up Danger Mouse you’re going to be met with a choice of a randomly generated player name. These are all silly and let me tell you I am particularly proud of being known as Bubbly Jungle Wings. The menu screens are bright and colourful and instantly attract your attention. All your favourite characters are along for the ride including the likes of Penfold, Colonel K and a personal favourite Count Duckula – Honestly its a Cosgrove Hall love in!

This being a port of a mobile game I was sceptical but also really intrigued with how it would play. I was fortunate enough to be given more than one code for this game and shared the extra codes with friends and my nephews who are in the age bracket the game is designed for and it was the most fun with my nephews.

There are different locations for you to race around and whilst they do look similar, you will be need to keep your focus on the race at hand. There are a few different things to keep you, sorry the kids busy here. There are 35 different cards to be collected. There are 14 different character cards and 21 different weapons/items for you to collect and or upgrade.

The more you level up then you will unlock more missions to play through and you can also unlock the Secret agency at level 2. Because this is a mobile port there are micro transactions present however, if you don’t wish to use your own money then just keep playing or completing daily challenges to earn crum pounds, often I wouldn’t even realise that I had completed the daily challenges and would be able to claim my money. Crum pounds will also be used to upgrade your cards. There are also crum pies as another type of currency in the game. I will say I didn’t use my own money on the game as I am always reluctant on micro transactions.

So another thing to mention is the fact that this game is cross play with the mobile version on android and IOS, this is also one of the first Nintendo Switch games to utilise this feature. Where we spent most of our time was local co-op and this was great fun. My nephews and I had a great time and they loved the fact that every so often they could beat me (obviously I let them win).

The graphics are nothing groundbreaking and I will be honest and say you will have seen better looking games. This game isn’t aimed at 35-year-old grumps like me and watching my nephews play I can say that they certainly didn’t complain about the game or its graphics. They were too busy arguing about why the other one lost or won. One thing I can say is I enjoyed the game. I am always trying to win and if a rogue police car or red london bus gets in my way I have to use my boost to make sure I am still leading the pack!

Bubbly Jungle Wings needs to win!

You can race with a friend in the online duo mode. I will admit to not trying practice mode but I am sure it’s still fun. Before a race you can choose your character and 3 different gadgets or weapons to aid you in your quest of first place. With your wits about you, you will be able to slide under barriers, avoid the traffic and boost your way to victory. The games audio is certainly fun, I noticed variations on the theme of the show in there and the voice cast are utilised well, providing the odd remark during the race.

As a massive child myself I have always loved the old school animations like Danger Mouse and Count Duckula (Honestly I have the DVD boxsets), the voice acting was always great and the stories used to keep me hooked. Now while the animation is different the core of the series is well represented in the game. I will admit I would have loved to see the game in the style of the original series but then I’m old and kids love the new series of the secret agent Danger Mouse and his sidekick Penfold.

Danger Mouse The Danger Games is well priced and there is plenty to keep the kids entertained. My nephews could play this game over and over but for the older gamer this is very much a short burst type of game. I can have a few races either on a lunch break or when I am looking to kill some time.

I have asked my nephews to rate the game on the verdict categories, see what they thought below. Thanks boys, Unlce Nor loves you!


This game was provided by 9th Impact for the purposes of this review.

Verdict Provided by Callum and Connor.