Bedtime Blues – Review (Nintendo Switch)

Bedtime Blues Developer: Hannmade Studios

Publisher: Forever Entertainment

Price: £8.99 / $9.99

Release 17/01/2019

Inspired by the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise comes a fantastically frustrating but amazingly addictive game from Hannmade Studios, Bedtime Blues. Did you ever dream of your toys coming to life or your teddy being able to be your best friend (like Ted), let’s just say this game will make you be careful what you wish for.

First off let me thank the wonderful people at Forever Entertainment for providing us with a review key for this game. Once I had downloaded it I had to start it and let me say this game is wonderful. The creepy and atmospheric game has enough that kept me busy and entertained as I tried my best to get some sleep through the night without coming to a grisly end at the hand of some psychotic teddy bear.

Using your handy torch either around the room or under the bed you need to keep your wits about you as noises will keep you guessing as to which part of the room the threat is coming from. Upon loading the game I found that the graphics suit the game perfectly. I love the pixellated look the game has and how it compliments the feel of the game. The bedroom looks like any little kids room, cluttered with debris and toys and at first glance all looks normal and at peace, but don’t be fooled…

You play as a youngster and unfortunately for you, your beloved teddy bear (a family collectible) has come to life and instead of giving you hugs and cuddles it’s trying to kill you – I’m not kidding what a great premise, if a little terrifying. I can’t say this enough the game looks great, the pixellated graphics work and help to keep the mood suitably creepy. Once you wake up the aim is to make sure nothing that goes bump in the night can get you whilst trying to also get sleep and make it through the night. As the night goes on you will find yourself out of bed and searching your room for clues and these will fill in the story as you go. I’m not going to spoil anything for you, the fun of gaming is experiencing for yourself. You have a few different things to keep your attention such as watching out for murderous fuzzballs, checking under the bed for monsters, listening for the door going, recharging your flashlights so you will be busy.

Mummy, kiss me goodnight….

The controls are really simple, you will use your dual sticks to look around the room or wander around looking for clues. The B button is to close your eyes for sleepy time, the A button for your flashlight. Use your Y button to recharge the flashlight and the ZR is used to look under the bed, don’t forget to check under the bed!

The game is eerily fun and keeps you on your toes, your sleep meter fills up slowly each time you manage to close your eyes to make it through but, every time you close those eyes you can guarantee that something is going to make a noise or open a door to try to get you whilst you sleep. Let me say I keep getting caught by that dastardly teddy bear however I don’t get frustrated (much lol), I find myself determined to beat that fuzzy little git and show it who’s boss!

Lets talk about the audio accompaniment to the game. From the moment the game starts it has such a wonderfully creepy tone. The theme is helped by the music and sound effects across the game. One of my favourites is the jack in the box type music that plays as I seem to associate this more with a horror genre than an innocent child’s toy (although it’s not innocent, it’s designed to make you jump! Haha). I love the creepy little comments that can be heard throughout the night, these really add to the dramatic and creepy tension throughout your traumatic night in the bedroom.

This game is a great package and at a good price I don’t think you can go wrong. I found this game to be one that I didn’t want to stop playing even if it made me feel like I sucked (stupid crazy teddy bear!). The whole package is great from gameplay and graphics to the sound design. All aspects of this game just felt right. It’s a sign of clever design by the developers to have a game that just works in this way. It kept pulling me back in for more and for me that’s a sign of quality. I can’t explain now my irrational fear of cute and cuddly teddy bears… I’m gonna sleep with one eye open tonight. This bear is no Ted.

Check out the trailer below:


The Review Key for this game was provided by Forever Entertainment.