New Star Manager – Review (Nintendo Switch)

Developer: New Star Games

Publisher: FiveAcesPublishing

Price: £14.99 / $19.99

Release: 31/01/2019

Let’s kick off (see what I did there), New Star Manager on Switch is a fantastic and fun football management sim that will keep you busy for hours at a time and let’s be honest, that’s what we all look for.

The game is very much info light unlike a certain other management sim we can think of, but don’t let that discourage you from buying this as it has its place in your collection and you’ll be celebrating your purchase like you’ve won the league. The easy on the eye layout and way that you build your team is good but you’ll still be faced with selection headaches ahead of your next big match. You’ll certainly feel part of the action when you have to make decisions. The way the game flows is great and even though it’s roots are mobile-based again please don’t let that affect your decision to purchase New Star Manager. Nothing is hidden behind paywalls and you can enjoy the game without it chipping away at your wallet every so often.


It’s a game of two halves…




Taking your club up the ranks is a great feeling, the teams in this don’t have licensing but that just takes me back to the old International Superstar Soccer days in years gone by. One of the ways that New Star Manager differs from other sims on the market is the way it allows control of pivotal moments in the match. Giving you control of play in these moments really adds something to the gameplay and whilst we aren’t talking about these moments being on par with FIFA or PES the game has added something else. Taking control of the action and making passes or through balls into the box is a great feeling. The first time I took a penalty, well let’s not go into that. You can upgrade your players’ stats using cards and build up the facilities for the club, it may not be as comprehensive as other games but the game is still full of things to keep you busy in your duties.


That’s good control,


The control scheme for the game seems fairly straight forward and easy to pick up when docked my personal issues came about when using the handheld touch controls, I found myself having issues with drawing runs etc. I’m sure with practice these controls will seem easier but I’m an older gamer and my hands are not as forgiving after a few hours of playing these days.

I’m going to be honest and say that this game really took me by surprise in that I didn’t know much about the game really, not even from the mobile game. I can honestly say it’s good solid fun. I mean the level of different things in the game is enough to bring you back for more daily and I can see myself playing this on a commute because I have had a blast with the game so far.



Technical foul!


Not so much a grumble really but I have experienced the odd crash with New Star Manager. It’s nothing that bothered me too much but hopefully, this can be rectified with a patch early on after release. The game does come from the mobile market and fair play for the developers to bring it over to the home/hybrid console, as the market isn’t awash with similar titles. The game isn’t without its issues, the occasional crash aside though I didn’t have my enjoyment affected much if at all.

After starting up the game for the first time you’ll be met by one of your assistants and taken into your first team training session, this is like a mini tutorial for you to get to grips with some of the controls for when you get thrown into the decision making. It’s clever and not to in your face. It guides you through each move with ease and then you’re away.



It’s here your challenge as Manager really begins, talk about being thrown in at the deep end. You will find the club is near the bottom of the league with only a few games left and the board have somehow managed to come up with a small transfer budget, I know so far it’s the stuff of dreams. As you produce results though, the club will grow in stature and you’ll begin on your proper journey building the club to new heights.

Like I’ve mentioned previously this is not as stat-heavy as FM19 but that didn’t bother me. I love both games for different reasons and I know that this will appeal to footy fans. The price point is good too and for the Entertainment and replay value that’s on offer here, you’ll be more than happy. This game has kept me coming back and myself and another reviewer were actually sharing the game – I wasn’t giving it up though. We both felt happy with New Star Manager and have spent hours on other footy sims. Overall this game is packed full of fun and features and colourful and will easily take hours away from your spare time, it’s a footy sim and that’s what they are meant to do. It has its own unique take on things and I like what they’ve done.