Resident Evil 2 – Review (PS4)

Developer and Publisher: Capcom

Released: 25/01/19

Price: £44.99

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Nostalgic excitement



When this was first announced that it was getting a remake, I was very excited but at the same time, a little part of me was a tiny bit sceptical. I didn’t want them to ruin a classic game, I have fond memories of playing it back in 1998 when I was thirteen, I didn’t want them to taint it. I guess I was being protective. However, I then saw the trailers and WOW, maybe they can do it justice after all, I thought. Now I’ve played it, the truth of the matter is that they’ve definitely done it justice and then some.

The game is a fantastic blend of nostalgic and new. It has a lot of the elements we remember from the 1998 version like the enemies we encounter – the tough trench coated tyrant, for one – and the familiar surroundings of the police station lobby with it’s tall, serene goddess statue but at the same time, the game has been re-invented, it is something new and special. I feel that this is where Capcom have really excelled and got the blend just right, as said, there is a lot of nostalgic moments for those that remember the 1998 version (Damn, I feel old now I keep mentioning the year…) but at the same time, it plays like a completely new game. It has been re-built and refreshed whilst keeping itself grounded with the parts that first won its fans over twenty years ago.


I loved walking into the police station and feeling the almost safeness of the familiar surroundings…as we know, despite the familiarity, nowhere is safe.

Much more defined


The story itself actually plays out better than the original, it feels more rounded and even though we know and meet all the familiar characters again, they also seem more rounded as well as having more of a back story. The story, aside from a few new twists, is mostly the same and is a loyal copy of the original which I’m glad of.

Another thing in which is a mostly loyal copy to the original is how you can play it as either Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield – in a great over the shoulder view – and both of their stories differ so it doesn’t feel like a re-run. Although, you do have the option to complete each character run through more than once which again is reminiscent of the original and is an example of the replay value of the game.

A further excellent part of the remake is the graphics and I know this is fickle, of course the graphics are going to be excellent compared to twenty years ago but still, it really does improve the game. Instead of pixellated characters running past blocky buildings, we now have a beautiful 3D game with the best looking and most terrifying enemies I’ve ever seen in the Resident Evil series. The zombies react and lurch to each bullet that rips off a piece of rotting skin or gore and it is truly magnificent.


The original seems like a distant memory now.


I didn’t jump, honest…


Going into the game, I was obviously aware that there may be scenes where I could jump but I didn’t expect it to happen right near the start of the game and it wasn’t even a monster! I simply inserted the first key into the first lock of the game and the control pad speaker made the noise of a lock being unlocked and I jumped out of my seat! I had totally forgotten about the control pad speaker and I definitely wasn’t expecting it! This is just an example of the fine audio that always takes place in the Resident Evil games that help build the suspense. Even knowing when to have the lack of audio helps build the suspense too, for example when you’re slowing walking down a dark corridor and it is deathly quiet but then suddenly, the high screeches of a licker wails behind you and suddenly it is panic stations. He has heard you, you dare not look behind you because he is on your tail and you’ve not got enough bullets to put him down but then suddenly you dash into a save room and the music changes to something more calming. So calming, the relief is palpable. Phew!


Once you’ve calmed down, you dare to peer out and the licker is gone but there is a new threat, you can hear the stomping of the tyrant stalking you around the police station! Get out of there quick!



Is Claire really going to win that battle?

When you do get a moment’s peace, you do eventually try to solve the puzzles scattered around the police station and surrounding area in order to solve who are the people behind the virus. However, with the constant threat of monsters on the prowl, you have to stay sharp and focused in order to survive. Good luck!


Check out the trailer for Resident Evil 2 below:


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