Modern Combat Blackout – Review (Nintendo Switch)

Developer: Gameloft Mexico

Publisher: Gameloft

Release Date: 14/02/2019

Price: £19.99 / $19.99

Eshop Page: Modern Combat Blackout Eshop Page

Review Key supplied by Gameloft.


Once I heard that the Nintendo Switch was getting another FPS game I had a good feeling as one genre that I love and the Switch needs more of is first-person shooters. In the absence of COD or Battlefield on the little box of tricks means that companies like Gameloft can release Modern Combat Blackout and appease fans of the popular genre. So let’s lock and load as we find out how it performs.


Modern Combats Main Hub


Let’s Move Out!


Gameloft has been brave, let me explain why I think that. In this age of being spoilt by photo-realistic shooters and all singing, all dancing games they have chosen to bring one of their mobile back catalogue games to the Switch and people may scoff but they chose their title wisely. Whilst the Nintendo home/hybrid console may have fantastic ports of AAA titles such as Doom and Wolfenstein one franchise that is sorely missed by fans of the genre is COD. Like it or hate it COD is a popular franchise so to see the game Modern Combat Blackout get released on the eshop is clever as it’s there to fill a gap. Upon loading the game up it’s clear to see that there are similarities to the ever-popular shooter.


There is no getting away from the fact that this game started life as a mobile game, but there is no pay to win here, no microtransactions to be found either and best of all no adverts. You will find you earn coins/credits by completing your missions and if you should complete your 3 objectives in each mission you’ll earn more and your XP will increase as does your rank. There is the feeling of grinding as you work your way through levelling up but this will be nothing new to most players. The single player campaign is fun enough, your first mission is like the standard tutorial level of these types of games. The first mission’s purpose is to get you to grips with the controls of the game and explain the story (yes there is a story).


Different modes available to play
Squad up and run riot online


As per usual with these types of games, the trigger buttons are used primarily for aim/shooting and I found no issues with these. The analog sticks are used to look around and up and down whilst also moving forward and back, I know it’s all standard really. You like me may take issue with the speed at which your character moves through each level. Most games now, shooters or not, have a relatively quick movement speed however this feels slow and maybe a patch could fix the issue as it does feel a little clunky. You can use gyro controls for aiming and they aren’t bad at all, I could still bag my headshots well enough. Choose how you play be it joy cons or pro controller the controls are implemented well enough.


Lock and Load Soldier!


The graphics are not groundbreaking but can I be honest, graphics do not make a game. The graphics are good enough for the type of game we have on offer, photo realistic is great but is it always needed, the answer is no. The game has a single player campaign that is decent enough to keep you going and with the wonderful addition of online multiplayer and squad building this game will keep you coming back like other games of this type. The ability to play with friends in local or online is great. In the single-player campaign is 70+ missions for you to battle through and as you do you increase your rank. You can customise your load outs and how your character looks from the normal soldier look to the weird and wonderful. You can change the class that your character is assigned as you try out the various options and you can buy different equipment in the shop – again no pay to win, you can just use the credits you earn on missions.


The Solo Mission Map Screen
Headshots are what I live for…


The frame rate is based at 60FPS but you’ll definitely notice a drop here or there, nothing that a quick patch couldn’t sort out. On the whole, this game tries hard to fill the void in the Switch software catalogue left by larger franchises and it certainly gives a good account for itself, especially at the price point it retails for. There is enough content and the multiplayer will entice you back in. Multiplayer supports 12 player battles online and for those of you that want to connect locally, Modern Combat Blackout supports 8 player local offline matches.





  •       Compatible with Joy-Con and Pro Controller controllers, as well as Touch Screen controls in tablet mode.
  •      Access every weapon, all of the gear and game levels without microtransactions – only your progress through the game is needed to unlock everything.



From its mobile gaming roots, Modern Combat Blackout is fun and the gameplay kept me entertained. Its flaws are not enough to put me off this game at all and neither should they put you off. An enjoyable game that be it alone or with friends has enough content to say this is value for money, it may not be Call of Duty but that’s no bad thing. Who knows if Gameloft will bring the Battle Royale element to this version of the game – though with how popular that’s become now I’m sure it’s a question of when not if.

Multiplayer has a few different modes to sink hours into, Competitive League and Non-Ranked custom matches and Squads that you can either join or create. The multiplayer is fun and engrossing, you still have options to choose a class and load outs and finding a match isn’t difficult at all. Load times and match finding speeds are good and the fact you can vote for Maps and Team Battles or free for all matches is great. I have experienced a few lag issues when playing online matches but this didn’t affect my enjoyment of it. My lack of finesse was my problem, believe me, I’m working on it.


Load Screens for Multiplayer
I’ll get better… I hope

There have been a couple of bugs, nothing game-breaking that I have found. The first bug I came across was quite funny, at the end of a mission I had to survive until help arrived or something similar and then you could hear the screech of tyres and the enemy that was trying to take me out was thrown away like he was supposed to have been hit by a vehicle – only there was no vehicle. Little bugs have come and gone but none have detracted from the game.

Overall, this game is on sale at a good price point and offers plenty for you to get stuck into. The single player campaign is full enough that you will keep playing, the objectives set in each mission will give you plenty of reason to return to them as you receive credits/coins that can be spent in the shop and help you purchase additional equipment for your load outs. The customisation on offer is great and as discussed the robust online multiplayer will keep you interested as your squad moves up the ranks. This game is great for people who want a COD like game on the Switch, yes its a budget FPS shooter but that shouldn’t dampen your enjoyment. It will give you hours of entertainment for a very reasonable price point. Not a bad first outing on the Nintendo Switch from Gameloft, I’ll be interested to see what else they bring to the console and if they will build games specifically for the Nintendo hybrid.


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The review key was Supplied by Gameloft for the purpose of this review.