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Hey guys,

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Neal and I sort of run this whole thing. I’ll tell you a little about myself, I’m 36 and have a real passion for gaming. I started my gaming off years ago and remember getting my first Atari and NES system and I haven’t looked back since!

Gaming Passion!

I have been known to book weeks off from work for console launches (GameCube I’m looking at you) and longer periods for certain game releases…Zelda Ocarina of Time and Windwaker kept me busy. This whole site was just a way for me to share my passion with other like minded people. The interaction I get through this and Twitter has been great and I’m really happy to get to know you guys and share views. Believe it or not, this site was started without review keys from any Publishers just a guy writing about what he’s playing.

I’m here to ask a favour, the site costs aren’t cheap when we renew and all I ask is that if you like what we do then please buy us a coffee or something on our Ko-fi page, the link is below and it would mean we can continue to bring you content and hopefully more giveaways!

Ancient Gamer Needs You!!

I am sorry to ask but every little helps and it’s meant the world the amount of support we have received so far. From the bottom of my heart thank you to anyone who has reached out, any one who has written for us, any games developers or publishers for your continued support and to anyone who has read a review and enjoyed it, thank you so much!

Link to our Ko-Fi page:

You guys are the best!

Thanks for reading.

I’m hoping my face will convince you, lol