Luigi’s Mansion – Review (3DS)

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Nintendo

Released: 12th October 2018

Official page: Luigi’s Mansion 3DS Page

Luigi finally gets his first mansion release on the 3DS and it is spook-tastic! Luigi gets to suck ghosts up again with his Poltergust inside a spooky mansion – which he won in a competition he didn’t enter – whilst solving many puzzles and beating plenty of bosses before he can save his brother, Mario.


A worthy remake?


On the left is the GameCube version with the 3DS on the right. Luigi’s Mansion was first released on the GameCube back in 2001


The 3DS version certainly has some differences and it does definitely seem more vibrant yet dark and eerie at the same time which enhances the spooky mansion theme. The music also helps enhance the spookiness as it is very atmospheric and creates a Halloween haunted house feel.

Despite the eerie atmosphere, the game is very kid friendly and all ages will want to play this. It is a great puzzling adventure that is filled with fun and simple to play. In a nutshell, you enter a new room, use your wits and detection gear to solve a mystery, fight a mini ghost boss, collect the loot and move on. (I’m not really selling it there but believe me, it’s very entertaining!) Aside from sucking up general ghosts, there is lots of other hidden characters around the mansion which bring some extra fun to the game. To name some, there is a painter, a butler and a muscle man who all have distinct personalities and you can interact with them.


Glorious graphics


Beautiful colours and scenery really adds to the game

The artistic graphics certainly helps make the game great: the silly spookiness or somewhat bizarre sometimes but still not scary for the little ones. Even though I played most of the game in 2D mode, when I did switch to 3D, the effects were glorious and really provided an illusion of depth to the spooky mansion.

The dual screens of the 3DS really helps


Thank goodness for the dual screen setup and the inclusion of the map

I believe this is where the 3DS version really adds something and I’m really glad for it. With there being so many ghosts and rooms to choose from, it is hard to imagine the game without the dual screen setup. The maze of rooms and hallways would really be tough and frustrating if you were to navigate them without the map. For me, navigating the map and making sure to unlock all the rooms was very enjoyable.

Check out the trailer below: