Far Cry New Dawn – Review (PS4)

Developer: Ubisoft

Publisher: Ubisoft

Released: 15/02/19

Price: £35.99

Far Cry New Dawn PlayStation page: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/far-cry-new-dawn-ps4/

Welcome back to Hope County!


Hope County sure does look different these days

For the first time in the Far Cry series, this is the first game to be a direct sequel. Hope County, Montana of Far Cry 5 fame has now been transformed into a post-apocalyptic environment due to a nuclear global catastrophe seventeen years prior.

The transformed scenery of Hope County has been reclaimed by nature and is now covered with a lush, colourful super bloom as well as plenty of animals. The harsh winds and rains that followed the nuclear winter have reshaped the entire landscape and very few structures from Far Cry 5 remain.

Don’t let the lush landscape and the clear blue skies fool you, danger lurks everywhere

There is still some familiar faces that survived the apocalypse, including Pastor Jerome and Hurk. The Father also survived the collapse but who’s side is he on nowadays?

The survivors do what they can to get by and use the limited resources and materials at their disposal but a group known as the Highwaymen threaten their peaceful existence. The Highwaymen scavenge, pillage and pilfer whatever resources they can from the communities through sheer violence by their leaders, the twin sisters Mickey and Lou. Mayhem reigns supreme with these two running the show in the new world but people will rebel if they get a leader and that is where we, the player, comes in.

Gorgeous, glorious graphics

You can’t help but admire the scenery even when being attacked

For me, the graphics are beautiful. The bright colours really pop and every detail is so intricate. The apocalypse has never looked so wonderful, it is surprisingly not as dreary as you would expect.

There is white deers with vivid, pink antlers, mossy bison which are adorable as well as mossy cougars with a glowing yellow belly. There is also a giant boar who can be used in your fights with the Highwaymen. All of the animals, as well as the landscape, looks magnificent.

A mossy bison in all its glory

Killer tracks and awesome audio

I will begin with saying that as you wander around the post-apocalyptic environment in your car, the tracks that are playing through the radio are awesome! Once the Survivor radio station is unlocked (It’s pretty early in the game), these moments really break the game up and it’s as if you are taken away from the violence outside of your car. It is just you and that radio playing killer tracks. For that moment, it doesn’t matter what is happening outside of your car, you are whisked away to a simpler time where you could just enjoy music and not worry about the vicious Highwaymen.

A good side-quest that helps enhance the music in the game is the Audiophile mission (Again, this is fairly early on in the game). It tasks you with finding ten music players which are scattered around the world. With each one found, you get another track to listen to on Survivor Radio. They’re fairly well hidden but once nearby, if you listen carefully, you’ll hear them. They are worth finding.

Could that small thing on the shelf be a music player?

Moving on to the awesome audio and sounds of apocalyptic Hope County and the men behind it all. First is John Swihart, who is known for his work on the film, Napoleon Dynamite as well as the tv show How I Met Your Mother. Teaming up with John is renowned composer Tyler Bates who has worked on the films 300 as well as Guardians of the Galaxy (Such a good film and good soundtrack!) I believe, what they have come up with is a great and entrancing sound for Far Cry New Dawn. For me, music and audio really can enhance a game and I feel that this Far Cry is definitely enhanced thanks to John and Tyler’s work.

Why change a winning formula

As this is a direct sequel to Far Cry 5, the gameplay is very similar and could be argued that it is more of a spin-off rather than a sequel due to the fact that there isn’t too much different. I agree but why mess too much with a winning formula? However, there are tweaks and with the new environment of the apocalypse, there is a definite difference in weapons. The gun shops are gone and it’s hello crafting. With the natural survival twist to the game, most of the weapons you acquire will have to be crafted and pieced together with materials you pick up along the way. For example, one weapon is a Saw Launcher which is a crossbow that shoots saw blades. It’s pretty bad-ass and is created from a chainsaw chain, a circular saw, bike handles and an assortment of random parts piecing it together. Weapon attachments such as scopes can also be made from piping or other utensils.

Fighting the Highwaymen with your Saw Launcher and the help of a giant boar

Like it’s predecessor, this game once again has guns for hire in order to help you in your fight against the Highwaymen. I know, this isn’t new but I feel that it is a great part of the game’s gameplay.

The first gun for hire is seventeen year old Carmina and for players of Far Cry 5, you’ll remember her as a baby who you helped deliver. Seventeen in-game years later, this baby has grown up into an optimistic gun for hire who will always have your back if called upon. Her parents were always very negative about the state of the world but as Carmina has only ever known the post-apocalyptic world then her mindset is slightly different to her parents which can cause some friction.

The second gun for hire and my personal favourite is Nana. She’s a bit of an oddball character and, as the name implies, is in her latter years. She is sort of everybody’s designated Nana but she likes to keep everybody on their toes. One minute she is nurturing somebody, the next she is telling them off. There are plenty of witty remarks to make the player smile.

As you progress through the game, there is plenty of guns for hire but I always gravitated back to Nana

As a former extreme tourism guide, she knows the woods of Hope County like the back of her hand and despite her age, Nana is still sharp which is why she is a sharpshooter. Her silent and stealth kills from distance are a great advantage and very crucial for taking out the Highwaymen.

Another thing returning but with a slight tweak is the outposts and enemy strongholds. This time, however, once you overtake an outpost, the battle doesn’t have to be over. It is optional so you can abandon captured outposts if you like but the Highwaymen will soon return and make it an even more challenging place to capture. So if you wanted an added challenge, the tweaked outposts system will offer it to you.

Abandon or capture the outposts, it is up to you

Check out the trailer below for Far Cry New Dawn:

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