Blood Waves – Review (Nintendo Switch)

Developer: Sometimes You

Publisher: Sometimes You

Eshop Page: Blood Waves eshop Page

Price: £8.99 / $9.99

Release Date: 15/03/2019

Have you ever dreamed of being trapped in a room with waves of zombies chasing you, all of them eager to rip the flesh from your bones? Well now you can live this fantasy in the game bought to you by Sometimes You, Blood Waves.


Blood Waves title screen

Lock and Load or hack n’ Slash…


It’s a simple game with simple gameplay. The rules are simple, start the wave of Zombies heading into the room and take them out one by one. Take aim with the weapon of your choice and either lock and load or slice your way through these undead hordes as they make their way towards you.


If you die, no matter how many levels you’ve made it through the game will throw you back to the beginning. All progress is gone and you literally start again from scratch – trust me this can be frustrating, my own fault after a long shift at work, I thought I could have a quick blast and I nodded off and got killed… imagine my frustration!


The game tells you how you’re able to upgrade weapons etc.


Tutorial level that explains how to play


The game is fun, I’m not going to lie I’ve enjoyed my time playing it for this review. After each wave is clear of the undead you have a few options before you start the next wave. You can buy more weapons (you only start with a Machete or a Colt pistol), buy ammo, upgrade your weapons and your character stats. You can also buy different things to stop the Zombie hordes getting near. As usual with these types of games with each wave comes more monsters and different types. As you murder your way through the armies of the dead they may drop different items that may help you as you progress, health packs, ammo packs and importantly cash to buy new weapons and ammo with.


The weapon and trap room during the breaks between waves


Zombie, Zombie, Zombie….


One gripe I have with Blood Waves is that the location never changes. Every level it’s the same room, as you walk around the room at the start you notice doors, I mean could we not move from one room to another to make it a little more interesting or different? I know it keeps development costs low I just would have liked to see a different room or location. Another gripe I have personally is the aiming tends to feel off sometimes, so I can have my sight set on a Zombie and when I shoot it misses and other times I’m shooting quickly and randomly as I run around the room and I’ll take the Zombies out.


The graphics aren’t mind-blowing in Blood Waves. You’ll notice that the character models look more last generation but to be honest when you’re surrounded by swarms of the undead trying to chase you down and kill you, I doubt you’ll notice it too much. The array of enemies that will try to kill you throughout each wave/level get more creative as the waves go by. The first levels you have basic Zombies Hunt you down as you progress further you’ll have acid spewing undead and later again you’ll come across electricity fuelled buggers who try to kill you.


The undead won’t stop until you pump them full of lead


The range of weapons available to you isn’t many but to be honest it’s more than ample for this game. After you’ve waded your way through corpse armies for a couple of levels you’ll upgrade from your Colt pistol, what weapon you go with next is down to personal preference, I went with the shotgun as it packs a nice punch and just is my weapon of choice in most games. During the breaks between Waves you can purchase different barricades and traps that can help keep the Zombies at bay throughout the wave but these can be damaged or broken by the undead hordes as they smash their way through to get to you.


There are some frame rate issues as you play through the game, the more Zombies there are on-screen and the issues can become more frequent . I’ve come across only one bug so far but I did laugh, I was just sorting out my ammo and weapons before I began the next stage and I equipped my shotgun…or so I thought because when I looked my character had her arms and hands in position to hold a shotgun but she was infact holding nothing at all.


Stay on the move or let the undead end it for you.


The controls are simple enough ZL and ZR are the normal aim and fire buttons, press A to make your character roll out-of-the-way, click the left thumb stick to make her run. Pressing L will bring up your weapons wheel (inventory) and a quick press of R will reload your weapon. All pretty standard really and nothing feels wrong after a few levels except for the occasional aiming issues. Sensitivity adjustments certainly helped me play this game.


All in all this game is very simple, easy, pick up and play material. For the price point if you’re looking for a shooter that’s not too taxing and something that will keep you entertained for a little while this is the game for you. It’s not trying to be anything it’s not and I like that. It’s no DOOM or Wolfenstein so don’t go thinking you’ll get a game in similar vein. The fact the game will draw you back in is a good sign but I’m not sure how long for though. I’ve been playing this game on and off for a week and whilst its kept me entertained I can’t do it in long blasts at all and as the setting never changes and the character has no customisations it could become stale very quickly.


Choose your weapon wisely to take out the undead masses


Handheld works really well and it was great to be able to take Blood Waves to bed, until I fell asleep and lost my progress at Wave 15, but the simplicity of the games nature meant I knew I could get back there and upgrade my weapons in no time at all. I enjoy this game and I would like to see more added to it to keep me coming back for more Zombie killing mayhem. If the developers added extra locations, characters and a few more weapons and customisations this could certainly add to the longevity of Blood Waves.


The soundtrack to Blood Waves is pretty good, I like the music during each horde attack it helps get you in a Zombie killing mood, the sound effects aren’t bad. Zombies have some as you would expect moans and groans. The Zombie slayer character we play as only has a couple of squeals but the background music as I mentioned is pretty good at adding to the tension when the Waves get larger.


Check out the trailer below:



This game was provided by Sometimes You for the purposes of this review.