Snowboarding The Next Phase – Review (Nintendo Switch)

Developer: Session Games Inc

Publisher: Red Bull Media House

Eshop Page: Snowboarding Next Phase eshop page

Price: £9.99  / $9.99

Release Date: Available Now

Review Key was provided by Session Games for the purpose of this review.

Not since the days of the N64 have I bothered with a Snowboarding game. It’s been that long I actually kind of forgot that these type of games even existed. So let’s dive right in and see if this can live up to games of years gone by as we look at Snowboarding the Next Phase on the Switch.



Upon turning the game on the music and bright colours really greet you. It’s brash and loud and you can’t help but think you’re in for a treat straight from the get go. The stylish choice of retro graphics is welcome as again this harks back to years gone by and reminds me of the 1080 franchise.


The menus are easy to navigate and before you know it you’ll be setting up where you begin and what criteria you need to hit on the course. Each course has 3 pieces of criteria you have to hit to unlock the next course, usually hit X amount of points, pull this trick, do this at photo point. Hit all three and you’ll be rewarded with XP points and the next location will be unlocked.



The game is quite simplistic and I will admit I was expecting a little more. That’s not to say the game is bad. I was looking forward to the trick system and whilst there is some cool bits – like the slow-mo at certain points, it does feel like a grab here or a flip there and that’s about it. Like I said the game isn’t bad at all, in truth there is a lot of fun to be had here and once you get to grips with things I’m sure you’ll keep coming back to up your points total or make that certain trick to obtain maximum points to progress as far as you can.


The retro look certainly adds to the games charm, so many people are nostalgic towards 1080 and SSX that the bold and colourful approach adopted here really is a joy to behold. When taking your board down the slopes you’ll notice that pulling off tricks isn’t that difficult either however take care when landing as I have found issues with getting the landing right….either that or I’m just that bad.



Core game-play is pretty much spot on. The game is complimented by a great soundtrack which really helps you get in the zone to complete either your bronze, silver or gold missions. The snowboarders look the part from head to toe. In all honesty all the pieces of the puzzle are here, the game just needs to go to the next level. I can certainly say I think the game is well priced and will certainly have you coming back for more as some of those pesky tasks will take you more than one attempt (honestly I can’t be the only one to suck at this).


Controls for Snowboarding the next Phase are pretty easy to master, you can hold down A or B to crouch and release the button again to jump. Use your analog stick to flip, spin and help those tricky landings (it’s not just me), you can perform what look to be fantastic and cool tricks at the quickest of ease. The game has Photo points on the courses and until I played this game I had no idea that games could automatically take pictures for you and that is exactly what Snowboarding the next Phase does! It takes some cool looking pictures as your Snowboarder throws them self off a piste to get the best pics possible.



Multiplayer is possible and thanks to controls that are as I mentioned earlier pretty simple you can achieve this with a joy con each which can be fun if Uber competitive.




I have to say the game is a lot of fun and I keep coming back because sometimes practice makes perfect. I really want to be better at this game so when it comes to photos being taken automatically my Switch will actually capture something cool instead of my poor snowboarder falling over instead of landing.


I love the stylish choice for the graphics I think they look amazing and really mix the old and new perfectly.


Check out the trailer below: