Golf Peaks – Review (Nintendo Switch)

Developer: Afterburn

Publisher: 7Levels

Price: £4.49 // $4.99

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With the continued flurry of releases on the Nintendo eShop it’s easy for indie titles to get lost amongst the other great (and not so great) eShop games. Golf Peaks may not initially catch your eye when you browse through the catalogue, but this small £4.49 // $4.99 game deserves to be highlighted. It’s the debut title from developers Afterburn and it’s a great first outing for them.

Golf Peaks is an addictive puzzle game and your main objective is to navigate a path through the different obstacles to putt your ball into the hole. No surprizes there considering that it has the word ‘golf’ in the title. However this is not your typical golf game. In fact, that’s where the similarities stop.

Each level is a mini puzzle that you have to solve using the movement cards available to you. Getting from A to B isn’t straight forward and you have to take into account the different terrain as they affect the ball in many different ways. Roll too far and you can end up rolling off the level completely or bouncing off a wall and going back the way you came. However there may be times where this is necessary to position the ball in the perfect position to get to another section of the level.

The game slowly teaches you the gameplay mechanics by starting off with the basics and gradually introducing more complicated ones as you progress. Ball movement starts off linear (move 2 spaces, move 1 space etc.) then another movement element, such as jumping is introduced (jump 2 spaces, jump 1 space). These are eventually combined together where you can jump and move in a single turn (jump 2 spaces followed by moving 2 spaces).

Using the movement options available for that level you have to navigate a path through differnent terrain tiles and obstacles. Similar to the movement mechanics, the different terrain types are drip fed over time. Water, quicksand and hills are just a few of the tiles that have unique properties that affect the movement of your golf ball. It’s trial and error trying to remember how each terrain tile affects the physics of the ball but it all comes together nicely once you’ve figured out the logic behind some of the intricate levels.

The levels are clever with a lot of thought put into the puzzles by the game designers. It starts off simple and you’ll whizz through the first couple of levels without too much trouble. However don’t be fooled. As with most good puzzlers the levels get harder and harder as more and more movement options and terrain types are unleashed upon you. There’d be times where I’d get stuck on a devilishly difficult level, and no matter what movement combination I would take, I just couldn’t fathom how to reach my goal. This makes it even more satisfying when I did eventually work-out (or stumble across) the solution. My patience and tenacity has been rewarded with another level that is even more challenging than the previous one. Bring it on!

One of the reasons Golf Peaks is highly addictive and easy to play is because the player isn’t punished for failed attempts at a level. For instance some games may force you to restart the level from the very beginning, undoing all your progress regardless of where you went wrong. Golf Peaks allows you to rewind and fast forward individual steps as you play, making it possible to try different options with ease.

Golf Peaks isn’t groundbreaking by any means, but it is an enjoyable game that is well suited to the Nintendo Switch. It is perfect for those quick pick up and play sessions when you have spare time during your day to fill. I found myself playing while I had ten minutes of ‘me time’ before picking my son up from school. The game also makes use of the Switch’s touch controls and HD rumble which can be switched off in the options menu if you wish.

With over one hundred puzzles to complete it doesn’t have the largest level library that other puzzle games may have, but it’ll certainly keep me busy for a while as I tend to dip in and out of games rather than blitz them in one go. Once you’ve completed the levels there’s no incentive for you to go back and replay them again. It’s still an enjoyable game and would recommend it to others.

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This game was provided by 7Levels for the purpose of this review