Preview of April PS4 releases


Welcome, once again to the PS4 monthly preview. This month we will be looking at several fantastic games due to be released in the month of April. Let’s get to it!


Dangerous Driving



Developer: Three Fields Entertainment

Publisher: Three Fields Entertainment

Release date: 09/04/19

Official page:


Let’s get ready to burn rubber as the talent behind the Burnout series brings us a brand new driving game. A driving game without rules where you can drive at high speeds and bump other drivers off the road. The road is there to be driven dangerously on!


Take over the other drivers or clip them out of the way, it’s up to you

Dangerous Driving brings back the glory days of classic arcade games like Outrun in the ’80s but in wonderful high-speed graphics. Watch the world blur by as you reach high-speed after high-speed on thirty tracks across seven different locations.

This game is very much in the mould of the Burnout games with the emphasis on ridiculous speeds as well as vehicular carnage. There will be a variety of event types to play, ranging from traditional Takedown races to a cops-and-robbers style Pursuit mode as well as online races for up to eight players. Another event which I like the sound of is the Boost Chain races where you have to perfectly chain your way through the race so be prepared to slide around corners perfectly or risk messing up the chain.


Get out of my way! The carnage is rife in Dangerous Driving

As you progress through the game, you will get the opportunity to unlock more deadly cars as well as more aggressive abilities which will aid in taking down anything that gets in your way.


The graphics looks great – if you have time to admire them whizzing by

If you want a game that will test your driving skills as well as cause huge amounts of damage and destruction to other vehicles then this is the game for you. Buckle up and ram anybody who gets in your way as you race to the finish line!

Please see below for the Dangerous Driving trailer:


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy



Developer: Capcom

Publisher: Capcom

Release date: 09/04/19

Official page:


I am genuinely looking forward to this title. I have played them before on the 3DS but to have them in beautiful high-resolution PS4 graphics, this trilogy of courtroom drama is going to be fantastic to play again. Objection! I mean, it is going to be fantastic and amazing to play again!


Rookie attorney Phoenix Wright will solve the cases with the right questions and deductions

As Phoenix Wright you will be the rookie attorney trying to help your innocent clients in murder cases and will alternate between investigation and courtroom drama. The investigation part of the game is where you can examine the scene of the crime, talk to everyone involved and gather evidence that will help solve the case. The courtroom part of the game is the cross-examination of the witnesses suspicious statements and it is up to you to find the lies woven within.


Interrogate the witnesses until they buckle under their lies and deceit

This is the first three games of the popular Phoenix Wright series and there will be fourteen cases across the trilogy for you to solve so there’s plenty to play.

There is two things about these games that hooks me and that is the graphics and the gameplay. I have an affinity for sometimes kooky or wacky over the top Japanese games and I love how they play out in an anime/manga high drama style. They truly are brilliant and comical.


Objection is often shouted throughout the games and not always by Phoenix Wright

Get ready for a courtroom drama that has never looked so good.

Please see below for the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy:


World War Z



Developer: Saber Interactive

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Release date: 16/04/19

Official page:


Get ready to shut those curtains and banish the Springtime sunshine if you want the full terrifying zombie experience. World War Z is finally here! From what I can tell, the story seems to be more similar to the book which is a good thing as the film did miss out a chunk of content. The zombies – which move fast like the book and film rather than a slow dawdling type in mostly every other scenario – are terrifying again as you watch in awe as they work together as one entity to accomplish a goal.


The zombies working together is a truly spectacular but terrifying feat

While it’s disappointing to learn that World War Z’s main campaign mode has been streamlined, and will focus on multiplayer and co-op rather than solo, I’m still excited. The main pull is players-versus-players-versus-zombies so you’ll be competing against other players to notch up kills whilst thousands of the undead will be thrown your way. Picking off your rival human players whilst staying alive will make this title unique.

This thrilling four-player co-op third-person shooter will require players to navigate from New York to Moscow and Jerusalem whilst escaping the ever-growing hordes of undead. The missions will be overwhelming, exciting and tense – a great blend for a horror game. It also seems that rather than being all gung-ho killing every zombie you see, a stealth and evasive approach will also be needed as there will be hundreds and hundreds in the swarm so you need to do whatever you can to survive.


With the swarm thickening, choose your moments when to attack or when to hide

There will be six different classes to choose from – Gunslinger, Hellraiser, Slasher, Medic, Fixer and Exterminator – and each will come with their own unique perks and style. I personally like the sound of Gunslinger or Hellraiser, who doesn’t want to raise hell when the undead roam the streets?


Roam the streets with caution as danger lurks around every corner

I look forward to my heart-pounding as a swarm of zombies recklessly chase me as well as the adrenaline and excitement I will feel once I’ve escaped or killed them. Bring on the hordes of undead!

Please see below for the World War Z trailer:


God’s Trigger



Developer: One More Level

Publisher: Techland

Release date: 18/04/19

Official page:


This title has certainly caught my attention since seeing its trailer. From the view from above to the glorious, gory graphics to the fast gameplay, there is a lot about this game that is enticing. It is a simple but effective formula.


The view from above adds a unique style to the gameplay and is a great view of the gore

The game can be played by a single player or you can team up for a co-op game as you play as an Angel named Harry and a Demon named Judy trying to kill their way into heaven and stop the apocalypse. Blood is bound to be spilled! And it seems a whole lot of it!

You must be quick on the trigger in this fast-paced game as you burst into room after room dodging bullets to stay alive and dispatching the enemies in a brutal and bloody way.


Team up in co-op mode and kill the bad guys at the same time to get a Synchro Kill

The top down view as well as the graphically, gorgeous violence reminds me a little of the original Grand Theft Auto and how the blood used to splatter. This obviously looks a whole lot better though and the destruction as well as the violence is sure to be a spectacle.

There is multiple weapons to be used for ridding your enemies in a gruesome way, from swords and shotguns to acid guns and even holy hand grenades, there is certainly a lot of possibilities in order to exact justice.


Welcome to the bloodbath! Come on in, the temperature is lovely

With Harry’s and Judy’s unique angelic and demonic powers, there will be the ability to upgrade them so use wisely and expel the enemies just the way you want to. I cannot wait to get my teeth into this.


Please see below for the God’s Trigger trailer:


Mortal Kombat 11



Developer: NetherRealm Studios

Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment

Release date: 23/04/19

PlayStation page:


Strap in for the brutal violence that has been upped to eleven (See what I did there? It’s also a film reference but that’s showing my age…) and get ready to finish them! That’s right, Mortal Kombat is back! The game follows on from Mortal Kombat X and there is a new story campaign which is presented beautifully in NetherRealm’s style. Behind the story is Kronika – the series’ first female boss – and she oversees the whole universe. Upset by Dark Raiden’s actions at the end of MKX she rewinds time and starts the whole thing again. Now, here is where it will get interesting, there will be some time-travelling involved throughout and this enables characters from its classic roster to be available which in turn could mean an older character fighting a younger version of their selves. Imagine, Johnny Cage fighting his younger, cocky self? What a match-up!


Get over here! Scorpion’s classic chain-spear

I can’t go through a preview without mentioning the violent crowd-pleasing visual punishment as well as the fatality blows. They are graphic and brutal as ever as well as inventive. When I play any Mortal Kombat game, I obviously don’t like to lose but yet, I still can’t help but smile as my face is ripped off by Baraka or I’m smashed into tiny ice shards by Sub-Zero, this is a showpiece of the series.


Barack pulling a foe’s face off…ouch. Not content with that though, he will then go on to eat your brain…lovely

Alongside the returning fatalities, new features are introduced which include Fatal Blow and a Flawless Block feature. Fatal Blow can kick in once your health drops below thirty per cent and is a special move that will cause a large amount of damage which could certainly help and make the battle a little more even. The Flawless Block feature allows a comeback window so if you block with precise timing then it allows you to counter your opponents who will be unguarded briefly.


Dark Raiden is back and kicking ass

All in all, Mortal Kombat 11 looks good and you can also affect the story in certain chapters into new directions so looks like it could be a winner. You’re next!

Please see below for the Mortal Kombat 11 trailer:


Days Gone

Developer: SIE Bend Studio

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release date: 26/04/19

Official page:


You wait for ages for a good zombie game and then two come along in the same month! April is going to be a month full of zombie killing for me! This game has been a long time coming but I think it’s going to be worth the wait.

You will play as Deacon St. John from a third-person perspective in a huge open post-apocalyptic world but the good thing about this game and what makes it different to other zombie games is the actual zombies or Freakers as they are called in this. They are quick and remind me of the creatures from the great film ‘I Am Legend’ as they seem weaker during the day but fast and aggressive by night. They are forever evolving though and adjust to their surroundings and the people in it. Add in some vicious human gangs and this sure makes a deadly struggle for survival and I cannot wait!


The ever-evolving ‘Freakers’ giving chase – get out of there!

With a full night and day cycle as well as multiple weather types, the environment will be both beautiful yet brutal. You will have to be on your toes to all danger – whether it’s the Freakers or violent gangs – as you traverse the landscape on your trusty motorbike, which is as important as any character.


Be very afraid of the dark as the Freakers will come out to play

With ammo limited, you will have to use the environment and sometimes the Freakers to your advantage as you complete your missions. From one gameplay trailer I’ve seen, Deacon is trying to avoid a gang and in order to do this, he blows up a wooden barricade which lets the Freakers in and thus killing the gang. I like his style!


Deacon St. John and his trusty sidekick

Behind this post-apocalyptic world is a compelling and dramatic story for Deacon and you will learn about his back story and how he copes in this new and dangerous world. This makes to be a poignant and dramatic arc inside a very brutal and violent world. I cannot wait!

Please see below for the Days Gone trailer:


That’s it for this month, thank you so much for reading. Join me again next month for another preview of some of the wonderful upcoming PS4 releases due in May.


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