Trials Rising (Gold Edition) – Review (PS4)

Developer: RedLynx Publisher: Ubisoft Release date: Out now Official page: Trials Rising Official Site So, I’ll begin by saying that I am a newbie to the Trials games. I do have experience with these sort of games and I do love playing this sort of game but I have just never played a Trials game. […]

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In Conversation With Alex Kane

Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic is the latest addition to the series of video game books by publisher Boss Fight Books. Written by Alex Kane, it contains revealing interviews from some of the people behind arguably the best Star Wars game ever made. If you haven’t already read our Ancient Gamer Review […]

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Days Gone – Review (PS4)

Developer: SIE Bend Studio Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment Release date: 26/04/19 Price: £49.99 (Special edition £64.99) Official PlayStation page: So, before I begin, I just want to say that I love the special edition version because, one, I’m a sucker for the steel book cases and two, I’m a sucker for an art book […]

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Apocryph – Review (Nintendo Switch)

Developer: Bigzur Games Publisher: Bigzur Games Release Date: Out Now Price: £11.99 // $14.95 Eshop Page: Apocryph eshop page Going back years in my gaming life I look fondly on my memories of the First Person  Shooter genre. The hours and days/nights that I have ploughed into games such as Hexen, Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein are […]

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April Nintendo Direct Inbound?

So unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week or so you will undoubtedly have heard the rumours abound that we are getting possibly another Nintendo Direct this month. Now whilst we don’t want to get too excited, we cant help but wonder if there will be a new info burst from […]

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Vaporum – Review (Xbox One)

Developer: Fatbot Games Publisher: Merge Games Release Date: PS4 – 09/04, Xbox – 10/04, NS – 11/04 Price: £15.99 (Sale Price Then £19.99)   Vaporum is the latest grid based dungeon crawler from Fatbot games inspired by the old school classics of its time, lets find out how it stacks up as it makes its […]

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