Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid – Review (Nintendo Switch)

Developer: nWay

Publisher: nWay

Release: Out Now

Price: £17.99 // $19.99

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Well the evil Lord Z has sent his evil hordes to Angel Grove…again! Where are The colourfully dressed teens to kick some ass? You guessed it the Power Rangers are probably sat playing their new game and fighting (yeah, I went there) over who goes next, let’s review Power Ranger Battle for the Grid!


You can pit some of your favourite characters against one another

Its morphin time!

So when I first heard this game was coming to consoles I had two concerns, was it going to be a cheap cash in on a series that has been around for a long time (the original series still holds a place in my heart) and was it worth it? Well let me tell you since I’ve had Power Rangers on my Switch I’ve found it has it’s good and bad points but I certainly don’t think it’s a cheap cash in. There’s potential in this game and it really is fun, if anything I keep going back for more!


The games main menu hub


Ok let’s talk about my biggest disappointment with the game, the standard roster of fighters. There aren’t many, in fact when you consider how many iterations of the Power Rangers there have been there is only 9 fighters… I mean seriously there is a wealth of characters and you only gave us 9, bad call guys.


A list of the characters available below:

  • Tommy Oliver
  • Jason Scott Lee
  • Gia Moran
  • Ranger Slayer
  • Kat Manx
  • Magna Defender
  • Lord Drakkon
  • Goldar
  • Mastodon Sentry


This unfortunately is your character roster in the game…

Now whilst the Green Ranger (A fan favourite and one of mine) is on the roster my first question is where is the White Ranger? I grew up when the Power Rangers first came around in the UK and I can’t help but wonder why characters such as Lord Z, Rita Repulsa, Finster, Putties and more are all missing in action.

I know there is a season pass of characters to be released in June however, that only adds a further three characters (which I couldn’t justify purchasing), but if the amount of fighters were two or three times the size I wouldn’t have a complaint but the minimal amount on offer is not only a concern of mine, I have spoken to other gamers and I know it’s something that bothers them, especially as the season pass is nearly the same price as the game (£12.99/$14.99). Fingers crossed even a few more options will become available from the developers after launch?


The cut-scenes before each fight show the Rangers gearing up for a rumble.


So let’s leave the fighters behind and move on to the fighting. The gameplay is actually not bad, in fact I’ve really enjoyed playing this. I’ve had fun choosing my team of Rangers and working through the Arcade Mode (basically the games story mode), you’ll take on different teams or enemies and with each round the difficulty gets harder or the health on the enemies will be more until that round is complete.

The game has different modes with Ranked and Casual being Online modes (more on this in a bit). Arcade mode as mentioned above and Versus and training mode. The game looks nice and polished, the fighting holds a steady frame rate and I’ve enjoyed playing this in handheld or docked mode.

The fighting is fluid and fun and really keeps drawing me in, my team usually consists of Tommy, Jason and Lord Drakkon And then we’re off to do battle against whoever we are thrown against. The backgrounds are pretty cool and my favourite is the original command centre with Zordon watching from up high.

One cool gameplay mechanic in place is the ability to call upon one of your team to assist you should you need it or you can change characters if your health is getting low and don’t want to lose a team member during battle.

I have tried a few times for online fights and have only found a few matches so far, maybe this is down to my attempts being made in the middle of the night when I finish work.




Go-Go Power Rangers!

The fights I’ve had have run pretty well with no noticeable lag to speak of and I haven’t had any issues with crashing.

When I compare this to games of the standard of Tekken obviously the game does fall behind somewhat, but if I’m looking at this game as an easy way to enjoy a few fights and have a real good nostalgic time then this games does tick some boxes well.

The character models don’t look bad and the soundtrack that accompanies the game is inkeeping with the series. I love the little things like choosing your Zords as a special move when you choose your team.

There really is something cool about kicking Goldars ass then the Green Ranger calling upon the mighty Dragonzord to help destroy the enemy (who didn’t love Dragonzord as a kid?).

Zordon, Zordon…where is Alpha 5 in all this chaos?

Power Rangers: BFTG is certainly an interesting game from nWay and I definitely think it’s going to be marmite for people (you’ll either love it or hate it). The fighting itself is a good base for a fighting game and the mechanics are really good. A distinct lack of content and more single player modes is where this game really falls down.

If I’m honest as a gamer first I am always about whether or not I have fun with a game and the big kid in me just thinks this game is fun to pick up and play for a few rounds of fighting fun.

This is a budget fighter that will keep you entertained and the price point isn’t bad, I’m still hoping for a few more fighters to be added to the roster, I can hope.


After this review was released yesterday nWay Games sent out a few tweets to inform us that they had listened and they are currently working on free new characters to increase the size of the roster of fighters. 3 were announced yesterday and more are to be announced. Keep your eyes peeled folks. Check the picture below for incoming characters:


Check out the trailer for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid below:




The review key for Power Rangers: BFTG was supplied by Spark Pr on behalf of nWay Games.