April Nintendo Direct Inbound?

So unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week or so you will undoubtedly have heard the rumours abound that we are getting possibly another Nintendo Direct this month.

Now whilst we don’t want to get too excited, we cant help but wonder if there will be a new info burst from the Big N this month as we keep hearing of “leaks” and we know that there are still lots of games that haven’t been announced for the Switch.

In this last week alone we have had the reports that Best Buy have supposedly leaked news about incoming games such as Persona 5, Metroid Prime Trilogy and A Link to the Past…now we have taken these with a pinch of salt until these games are officially announced but it does make you wonder if there is any truth in the rumours, especially as Metroid and Persona 5 have been talked about for some time.

In the last few days there have been mumblings that two games from the Zelda series could be getting released on Nintendo Switch. The HD remasters of the Gamecube classic The Windwaker HD and the remaster of the well recieved Wii game Twilight Princess HD are both now rumoured to be coming to new and old gamers through the eshop.


Are these two games heading to eshop, we just don’t know?


Of Course the rumours of the Two new Switch models keep coming, will they be a Switch Pro or Switch Mini? Who knows but already we can see that there is a lot of information regarding Nintendo and their future plans. Nintendo have always been known for secrecy and I don’t mind a little playing your cards close to your chest but in this age of data mining, leaks and possibly careless retailers maybe they should rethink their strategy.

There have been so many rumours about games, release dates and more since the Switch was announced. We all have our dream games and franchises that we would like to see come the Home/hybrid console (I am personally waiting for a Zelda collection to be announced).


An ideal Zelda collection for Switch. Courtesy of Reddit.


I would love to hear about the next instalment in the fantastic Pikmin series, I mean what next for these wonderful little creatures and is brave Captain Olimar back for more adventures? Is the SNES app for Nintendo Online coming soon? these are all questions that need answering and the rumoured Direct could be the place to get these.


Is there any more news to come from the long rumoured Microsoft-Nintendo partnership, could the speculated Gamepass for Switch be announced, the more we talk about this its clear we have way more questions than answers.


Could these two have something up their sleeve?


There has to be something going on between Microsoft and Nintendo as Cuphead is now coming to the Nintendo platform as are other games from Microsoft owned studios. After the Minecraft Bedrock edition came to Switch and you could sign into Xbox Live and earn achievements through your home/hybrid console people have speculated on the relationship between the two gaming giants and what fruits could come from a partnership, we can only wait and see.

With so many different questions to be answered and so many points to address we think that some information will have to be forthcoming from Nintendo before the annual E3 Direct/Treehouse presentation.

Do you think Nintendo will host a Direct in April? Does the fact that a website for Persona 5 S has gone live recently, promising more information on 25th April seems a tad coincidental don’t you think…


Anyway we wait with baited breath.Please Nintendo…






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