Nintendo Switch Blockbuster Sale coming 11/04!

Well it’s that time again as we take a look at eshop deals announced for this week.

Nintendo Of Europe have shared news that starting on the 11th of April a whole host of blockbuster titles will be receiving significant price cuts. confirmation of whether this sale is happening in other territories is yet to be confirmed.

 Zelda BOTW is an epic adventure in Hyrule that is sure to keep you busy


The list of games is fantastic and the reductions will be from 33% off and up! We have seen that the Switch version of the fantastic detective game LA Noire will be on sale at a whopping 66% off!


 The fantastic detective game LA Noire is still a fan favourite and soon to be 66% off!


If you don’t own some of these great titles then the end of the week is sounding like the right time to pick up your next game to keep you busy. Since the Nintendo Switch launched there have been some great sales introduced and quite a few times I have been drawn in and added to my already big list of games to play through but, if the price is right why not.


Join Mario in his latest adventure, it’s definitely a must buy.


A list of games getting reductions are:

We are sure you’ll agree that those are some pretty fantastic reductions on some amazing titles and we are sure that some of you will agree that it’s an opportunity to good to pass up. With quality games like the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (which I have spent way over 200 hours on) giving you more than your money’s worth.


The charming and engrossing Octopath Traveller is worthy of anyone’s collection


If you don’t own some of these games I would recommend nearly every single game on this list as each will keep you busy for hours on end and certainly provide value for money.

Check out these games in the eshop as you decide which game or games you will add to your Switch library once the sale starts.



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