Resident Evil 3 remake due for January 2020?


That’s right folks, the big guy Nemesis could be re-animated and re-imagined in a Resident Evil 3 remake and I am giddy with excitement and joy at the prospect!

If you are an avid Resident Evil fan like myself then no doubt that you have been following the latest news/rumours about a potential Resident Evil 3 remake. After the success of the Resident Evil 2 remake, it seemed that RE3 would be highly sought after and it now seems that a remake is definitely on the cards. It could be with us as soon as January 2020 (if the recent leak is to be believed) which is a year to date after RE2. Wouldn’t it be nice if we got a yearly Resident Evil release?


Imagine how good Nemesis will look in new and shiny HD graphics form


The news of a remake is great news but there is a part that has been leaked and it is somewhat confusing. It says that Capcom won’t be developing it and it will be another studio. What, who and why? Surely after the success of RE2, Capcom would want to make RE3 in a similar mould and make sure it is done their way and in the beautiful style they used for the revamping of RE2. Fans will want that.

The leaked news then goes on to say that the studio who is going to be behind it is very interesting but they fail to mention who it is. It’s all very intriguing, do they even know who the studio is going to be or are they purposely leaving us on tenterhooks? I just hope that whoever the studio is doesn’t try to reinvent the ‘wheel’ and stick to the winning formula which was present in RE2. Capcom nailed the perfect blend of new and nostalgic and whoever develops RE3 needs to keep that too. It needs to pay homage to the 1999 version but just like the RE2 remake did, it needs to develop and deepen the story too.


Please do the remake justice…whoever does it

One thing that I take from the date of January 2020 is that it is great if we get a release so soon but at the same time, please don’t rush it and do it justice. Take as much time as you need to get it right.

In other Resident Evil news, despite not massive amounts known about the development of Resident Evil 8, it has been leaked that it could be released on the next-gen consoles and are possibly looking at January 2021. We could get an annual Resident Evil release after all! However, until we have any confirmed news from Capcom, we definitely need to take these rumours with a big pinch of salt.

What do you all think about this? Should Capcom hand RE3 to another studio? If so, who would you like? For me, it needs to be Capcom but that’s just me.




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