Dawn of Survivors – Review (Nintendo Switch)

Developer: Wistone Entertainment

Publisher: Wistone Entertainment

Release Date: 19/04/2019(EU) // 18/04/2019(US)

Price: £1.59 // $1.99

Eshop Page: Dawn of Survivors eshop Page

The Review Key for this game was supplied by Wistone Entertainment for the purposes of this review.

Waking up surrounded by the walking dead, sound familiar? Well it should do but can Dawn of Survivors do things differently? Read on for our review.

With Zombie games, tv shows and movies being ever popular this new release from the team at Wistone Entertainment has different elements that make up its fun new survival horror, Online multiplayer game.


Lets lock and load up Dawn of Survivors


First things first where to begin, as these things tend to, in a Facility, you wake up in just your pants (I’m not joking) and you need to make your way out. As you move from room to room you’ll encounter the Zombies quite quickly and with no weapons it’s time to punch your way out.

You’ll need to find key cards to unlock your route through the rooms and corridors before you find what’s left of the security team who tells you to get out and he’ll blow the place sky-high. Move up the stairs to the start of your new life…

The story is nothing original in terms of Zombie games but the game has multiple different mechanics at work as you progress further. So all players will start the same way, you’ll have nothing to your name and once you leave the facility you’ll find yourself in your new home/shelter with your new canine companion to assist you with a radio attached to its collar to guide you through the early gameplay mechanics and set you little missions to get you on your way in the game.




What I love about Dawn of Survivors is that it’s not really one type of game and there is generally something here that will suit different types of players. Certain areas are specifically for looting/foraging and these are played in an almost top down perspective which kind of makes sense but other areas which focus on combat are played in a third person perspective and again the way it’s implemented works well.

Foraging around areas is vital to your survival. As you check out the different areas (ranked by a star system to indicate how hard the area may be), you’ll be set upon by different undead creatures as you search for weapons, food and anything you can find that will help you craft items for survival.The map is large and there is plenty of different areas for you to explore. As you start off you’ll be restricted to a few close areas to your base but, as you start to piece together transport (Bike,motorbike, etc) you’ll be able to travel further afield in your search for anything that isn’t nailed down.


Be sure to check your map for surrounding areas.


You’ll need to set up base and build a new home for yourself from the items you find, building tools to help you cut down trees, unless you can find some clothes you’ll even need to craft these.

Crafting is easy and can be accessed on the go, which is great as, if a weapon breaks and you don’t have another you’ll quickly be able to craft another before a Zombie manages to end you, trust me I’ve had to do this once or twice. As you level up your character you’ll be able to learn new craft ‘recipes’ to aid in your survival it may be a machete or even a shotgun but they will all come in handy.The inventory system is quick and easy to access and use.


Check your supplies in your inventory.


The main part of the game is online. Now I’ve met 3 or 4 other players online so far and each one of them has tried to kill my character in fact I had literally just started the game when I was killed straight away by someone, which I’m not going to lie was a little disheartening. Which brings me neatly on to character deaths, like the Ubisoft Wii U game Zombi U (Zombi on other platforms), once you die you will lose your loot, I’ve read you can track down your old character and get your gear back…if you’re quick and another nice little touch (I think anyway) is how the game tells you how long you survived for until the moment of your untimely demise.

My experience with other players hasn’t been enough to dampen my experience, in fact I have already convinced a couple of friends to purchase this so we can team up and really try to have a great online experience together. One thing I will say is with every death of which I’ve had 4 or 5 so far, I seem to learn a little bit more and adapt my style of play.

I can honestly say I’ve been enjoying my time immensely with this wonderful eshop title. Every now and again a gem appears and this is one of those games. The price point is amazing and let’s be honest you’ll spend more than the cost of the game on a coffee or burger so I implore you to purchase this and give it a go.

The graphics are great and the developers have said they were going for a comic book brought to life and the game certainly carries the look well. The cell shaded graphics look great, although foraging levels in the top down perspective can look a bit sparse.



Controls work well and it’s actually really easy to get to grips with the control scheme on offer. You’ll be swinging your baseball bat Negan style in no time or crafting on the fly with ease. Sound design is not fantastic but then Zombies don’t really say a lot so hearing the odd grunt here or there is going to be no surprise to anyone.

The music at the beginning is suitably morose and could almost be from the end credits of 28 Days Later (my personal favourite Zombie movie by the way). The noises made by crafting are again very basic but then I’m not sure I need or want more from this, it doesn’t affect my enjoyment of the gameplay at all if I’m honest, I’m too engrossed in gathering supplies, looking for the next drop or taking out the undead to care if the noises are realistic for crafting.

There are a few different types of Zombies on show and whilst they all have their own distinctive look most of them have similar movements. The agile Zombies will run after you and can be relentless but you’ll drop them in no time if you’re suitably prepared. Creepy zombies will crawl across the floor after you, the poor sods have no legs!!



The replay value of this game is there and no mistake. I constantly find myself not wanting to put this down and in all honesty I have other games to review but this one has really kept me coming back for more. That to me is a sign of a good game. This little gem is going to keep me entertained for a while, the only thing I need to experience more of is the online part of it. With this being a review copy there aren’t that many people online yet and like I mentioned earlier the ones that are generally have just tried to kill me on sight, I mean I’m not that bad…

Once more players get to experience this and a community builds this game has loads of potential and scope to build on itself, with friends by your side you really could take on everyone and raid homes and set yourself up to rule the map.

I really have to mention the price point again, this is a phenomenal deal and I’m calling on Nintendo Switch owners everywhere to not buy a coffee for one day or don’t buy those sweets and purchase this game. The hours of enjoyment for less than the cost of a hot beverage makes this surely a no-brainer of a purchase…

One last point, this game does require Nintendo Switch Online membership.

Now, I need to get back to my game so check out the trailer below: