The Padre – Review (Nintendo Switch)

Developer: Shotgun With Glitters

Publisher: Feardemic

Release Date: Out Now

Price: £17.99

Eshop Page: The Padre Nintendo eshop Page

What happens when the graphical stylings of Minecraft Meet the dark subject matter of religion and Demon Hunting? You get The Padre, let’s find out how it is in our review below.


The Start screen is eerie and looks wonderful


The Padre is a type of Survival horror game set in the usual old haunted home. The atmosphere is dark and brooding yet off set by the great choice of Minecraft style block graphics and rooms that look almost like dioramas. I even love the way the menu looks!


Dark beginnings, what lies in store for Padre Alexander?


As we begin, we find our main character Padre Alexander in his room as he receives a letter asking for his help in some rather pressing ecumenical matters. Your old mentor Cardinal Benedictus has gone missing whilst on a critical mission for the Church and this is where it gets all Liam Neeson and Taken and I’m quoting the game here, “You and your specific set of skills are the only one capable of finding him”.

If that doesn’t get your interest peaked then I don’t know what will. So before you go, grab your suitcase and your bible and let’s do this!

The story itself seems to be a mixture of bits recognisable from different movies, and there are a couple of pop culture references in here for good measure, not that that’s a bad thing in fact it made me warm to The Padre even more.


Check around the Gothic mansion room by room


Cut scenes will set the scene as to where you go from here and the game so far seems fun and the story is one that will grab the attention. You’ll find yourself roaming around rooms searching for clues to the whereabouts of your former mentor and filling in more of the story as you go.

This is very much like a point and click / walking sim but the graphical stylings and subject matter really grabbed me. You’ll find as you go from room to room that button press commands will appear by the item it corresponds to (X to snuff out a candle for example) With some combat thrown in for good measure.

There are puzzles to solve that will test you a little bit, nothing has been too taxing within the game. If you are used to games of this ilk you’ll certainly get through the puzzles spread throughout the mansions different rooms. The dark surroundings may make looking for things slightly challenging but I’m sure that’s intentional by the developers. You’ll find yourself fighting monsters in bathrooms, working out how to unlock doors and where to head next, watch out as the suits of armour just might be watching you. Be careful as you go, for there are some mystical creatures waiting for you in this dark and spooky house.


The game has a wicked sense of humour


One nice touch I wanted to mention was what happens when Padre Alexander dies, you’ll find yourself in the in between and you are given a glass vial, which once filled with Angels tears means that’s it, game over and done! It’s an interesting way to handle it and no mistake. The titular character has some fun voice over acting and maybe I’m alone here but aspects of the game are reminiscent of Grim Fandango and give me similar feels of playing the old classic.


The inbetween is where you’ll find yourself after your death


The game really feels like an homage to a few different titles from years gone bye. Certain elements of the game can feel frustrating, I mean the characters movement speed is not completely slow and the camera angle can be difficult But neither of these is as frustrating as the combat which I feel needs work and hopefully can be fixed in a future patch.

The character of the Padre has a great voice actor, I’m sure some will find it annoying but let me say that his delivery of the odd one liner or little quip that’s made did make me chuckle. The gruff voice also adds a nice extra layer to the character, reminds me personally of James Woods in Vampires…Just me…Ok moving on.

As you move around the dark corridors of the Gothic styled mansion, you’ll encounter creatures that go bump in the night and look out for the board game DARKER SOULS (Yes you read that right), try it trust me!


Dare you play DARKER SOULS?


The game is quite fun and I love the art style and voice over however, I do feel like a couple of areas need work as I mentioned above to improve the game, the combat I find frustrating. On the whole it’s a wonderfully presented fun game at a good price and for fans of point and clicks you’ll enjoy this and no mistake.


Check out the trailer below:



The review key for The Padre was supplied by Feardemic for the purposes of this review.