Preview of May PS4 releases


Here we go again for another monthly preview of the upcoming PS4 titles for the month of May. Without further ado, let’s get started on talking about the great upcoming games!


A Plague Tale: Innocence


Developer: Asobo Studio

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Release date: 14/05/19

Official page:

Something vile is working it’s way through France, something even worse than the brutal invasion of the English. This is set in the time of the 100 Years’ War, in fact it’s 1349 to be exact and villagers are plagued with sickness and bites in the night as well as dealing with the presence of barbaric English invaders. What could it be that is worse than the unwelcome and brutal English soldiers? Rats. Thousands and thousands of rats. With the developers using their own engine, it is possible to have up to 5,000 rats on screen at once. Yes, I know, this one is going to be a little unsettling.


Your character, Amicia and her sick brother Hugo who you must protect

I’ll get back to the rodents shortly. So, you begin the game taking the role of fifteen-year-old Amicia who becomes solely responsible for her younger brother, Hugo after their family is torn apart. Hugo is poorly and suffers from a mysterious ailment. In his five years, he has been locked away whilst his mother tinkered with medicine to help him. However, they are now forced from their shelter and Amicia and Hugo have to seek safety away from the rodent terrors of the night as well as the English invaders who want to capture Hugo for some reason. Is he special?


You must sneak past the patrolling Grand Inquisition who want Hugo

A big part of the game will be a lot of stealth and sneaking around to avoid the invaders with hardly anything, at first, to use as protection. You will be able though to throw rocks at metal objects or lob pots which shatter to distract the guards away from where you need to go as you wait in the tall grass for them to move. Playing as children in this dark and grim world being pursued by terrifying adults will make the game more frightening and very tense, especially as you are, for the most part, powerless.

Moving on to the pesky rodents and as the game is based on historical fact, it’s prime time for the bubonic plague to spread. Now, whether it was the rats that spread it is debatable but the sheer number of rats is a problem itself.


Notice how the hundreds pinpricks of eyes all seem to be on you making the whole scenario creepy

If you don’t see the rats first then you’ll certainly notice where they’ve been as you’ll see plenty of bare skeletons lying around. Your only weapon is fire as they will not stray out of their darkness. You’ll need to be inventive with your fire in order to get past or escape the clutches of the rodents. It’s going to be tricky and creepy, especially if you are afraid of rats. This game is going to be wonderfully grim and I can’t wait to get in to it. The amount of rats will probably make my skin crawl but I shall brave it!

Check out the trailer below:


Rage 2

Developer: Avalanche Studios

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Release date: 14/05/19

Official page:

Following on from 2010’s Rage is now Rage 2 and hopefully it ticks all the boxes. From looking at the gameplay trailers, it certainly looks the part and seems to play well.

The game is set in 2185, so fifty years after the first game and you play as Walker, the last Ranger of the wasteland as you battle the last remnants of the first game’s tyrannical Authority. However, despite familiar enemies, the whole state of things has moved on. The dystopian post-apocalypse world has evolved a little, desert as far as the eye can see is less and flourishing and varied environments are more. As an example, there is now lush jungles and unforgiving swampland to traverse in this grand open-world.


It’s no longer just desert environments in this dystopian world. Nature is flourishing once again

Rage 2 is also more hi-tech than it’s predecessor, technology has had a resurgence and you get to use it a lot in your battle against the Authority and it’s bloodthirsty, sadistic gangs. There will be a huge variety of upgradeable weapons, many vehicles to travel through the wasteland and let’s not forget the glorious Nanotrite powers you possess. This one is billed as a crazy, insane adventure of a game and it sure looks like it will live up to that billing.


Use your powers to disable the enemies and throw them through the air

As I checked out the trailers, Rage 2 doesn’t look like your regular open world shooter. It looks so much more than that, the action seems so intense and with Walker’s nano powers, it certainly ups the ante. He has so many different abilities from a force punch to a ground shaking smash punch (this will throw your enemies in the air) to double jumps. He has it all and if you chain them together to fill an overdrive gauge, this will trigger a temporary super Walker which makes him even more faster and deadly.


Good luck taking that down!

One final thing, Rage 2 is hilariously gory. Everyone and everything explodes, it is amazing! I am looking forward to this title a lot and I hope it lives up to expectations.

Check out the trailer below:


Castlevania Anniversary Collection

Developer: Konami

Publisher: Konami

Release date: 16/05/19

Official page:


Yes, that’s right, you are not seeing things, we are getting a Castlevania release! And not only that, it is a collection of 8 games (yes 8!) to celebrate fifty years of Konami. I, for one, am looking forward to this. Let’s dive straight in and find out what the eight games are.

So, the first game is Castlevania, originally released on our shores on the NES in 1987 – I know, this is a long time ago but at the time, it was a glorious game and really set a standard.


The original Castlevania from 1987

The next title is Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest released again on the NES in 1990. In case you’re wondering who Simon is, he is the star of Castlevania, Simon Belmont, the vampire hunter. This title follows Simon’s subsequent adventures following the events of the first game and this time is developed more in the mould of an action RPG.

The third title is another title from the NES in 1992 and that is Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse. This time you take control of Simon’s forefather, Trevor, 100 years before Simon’s birth as you take on Count Dracula and his evil army.


Trevor, Simon’s forefather fighting through Dracula’s army

The next title is Super Castlevania IV and this first appeared on our shores in 1992 but on the SNES this time. You play once again as Simon in this title as new horrors are unleashed by Dracula once more.

The fifth and sixth titles were Game Boy releases and they are The Castlevania Adventure and Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge which were released 1991 and 1992 respectively.

The seventh title on this collection is Castlevania Bloodlines which was released on the Sega Genesis in 1994 and this was the first game to take its setting away from medieval times. This was set during World War I and really set a precedent for the cutting-edge effects it had at the time.


Castlevania Bloodlines really looked great back in 1994

The last game to make this collection is a game that was only released in Japan back in 1990 and that is Kid Dracula.


Kid Dracula was a totally different take to the usual Castlevania games

This title was a world full of gags and also had laugh-inducing content so it was a very different take for Konami but nonetheless, it was also successful as a full action game.

So, there we have it, that is the eight games that will make up the anniversary collection and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. It will obviously appeal to older gamers but younger gamers should appreciate this too, these were dynamic and cutting-edge games.

Team Sonic Racing

Developer: Sumo Digital

Publisher: Sega

Release date: 21/05/19

Official page:

I’ve always loved Sonic games, even now as I write this, I can hear the original theme tune in my head! So, it goes without saying that as soon as I heard that a Sonic racing game was coming to the PS4, I was all ears!

So, what can we expect? It goes along the usual route of kart themed racing with single player and multiplayer modes but the thing that differs to usual racing games and perhaps maybe the thing that will set it apart from the others is that you race as a team. There will be a total of twelve racers altogether and while each person is only in charge of one character racer, you will have to pay attention to how your team-mates are performing as well as sharing power-ups.


The game looks wonderfully bright and sharp

Also, instead of winning races by finishing fastest, teams get points on how they worked together so the most efficient team wins. As you work together, an ‘Ultimate’ meter fills and once full, it can be used for a temporary burst of speed which can be extended if you hit other competing racers. Use it wisely.

As you begin a race, there will be fifteen characters to choose from who each come with their own special class: speed, technique or power. Choose wisely as each has its pros and cons depending on which track out of the twenty-one available you are racing on.


The fifteen characters in which you can choose from

The game features a variety of game modes and they include: Grand Prix in which players compete to earn points, Time Trial which is obviously the fastest time wins and the one that interests me the most, Team Adventure. It is a story driven campaign which is divided into chapters. In order to progress, players are given missions to complete, for example, collecting as many golden rings as possible. Unlike the main game where you can pick your team, they are predetermined here but progressing through can unlock extras for the other modes.


A wonderful looking icy track – I imagine it will be slippy


The last bit I will touch on is that you can customise your cars with new parts becoming unlocked as you progress through the game. The parts will help with your speed, handling etc and you can also modify your car aesthetically with paint jobs or different sounding horns. I am looking forward to this title.


Check out the trailer below:



Developer: Creazn Studios

Publisher: Soedesco Publishing

Release date: 24/05/19

Official page:

This title intrigues me. I genuinely love playing horror games or games of similar ilk. I enjoyed Silent Hill back in the day but boy, did it scare me at times and I think this title could be like that. It looks wonderfully dark and creepy and I really look forward to playing in the day time with the curtains wide open!


Who is that and can they help you with your lost memories?

In this procedurally generated noir-style nightmare set around 1950’s Hollywood you will play as detective, Marie, who finds herself trapped in a nightmarish world with a bad case of amnesia whilst being ruthlessly pursued. All she recalls are fragments of the catastrophic night that ended in her daughter’s Emily’s death. To escape her confines, she’s got to travel through unique levels that are modelled on her past. There will be a large cast of characters who Marie will encounter and they can either help or destroy her as she makes her choices in the non-linear narrative. Write your own story but make sure it’s the right one!

Going back to the 1950’s setting of Hollywood and I think this is great as the developers have used that perfectly to make it more haunting. It gives the perfect excuse to use distorted and grainy film effects, some creepy old tunes as well as evocative costumes. It all helps up the eerie factor.


A good use of effects certainly makes it seem creepier

As you get through the game, Marie will collect Memories which will help her piece together what happened. She will also be able to unlock abilities which will help her progress through the levels and there is also a Focus gimmick which lets you see through the eyes of your pursuer. Hopefully it will give you an insight on how close they are to catching you.

While the single-player mode is story-heavy, the multiplayer features a free-for-all game of cat and mouse. There will be 14 playable characters to choose from, each with their own unique abilities. You will need to collect Memories once again while having targets to take out but someone is also hunting you. Hurry, or else…


That corridor looks a little dark for my liking, could there possibly be something lurking in the shadows

This title certainly looks haunting and with the 1950’s dark noir set-up, it definitely adds to the eerie feel. I am really looking forward to checking this out.

Check out the trailer below:


So, there we have it guys, I’ve chosen five games there that could be down right epic and I really hope they are. Thank you for reading and join me again for another preview at the start of June.