Table Top Racing: World Tour Nitro Edition – Review (NS)

Developer: Playrise Digital Ltd

Publisher: Greenlight Games

Release Date: 01/05/2019

Price: £24.99 // $29.99

Eshop Page: TTR: WORLD TOUR eshop page.

What’s that another racing game for the Switch I hear you cry! Buckle up as we take Table Top Racing: World Tour for a spin, let’s see how it Reviews.


Start your engines…


One genre that I enjoy and the Switch desperately needs more of is racing games and thanks to the lovely guys at Playrise Digital and Greenlight Games, we have a neat little racer in the form Of Table Top Racing: World Tour Nitro Edition to keep us entertained.

This game has been released on other platforms in the past so it only seems right that it makes its way across to Nintendo’s little home/hybrid console.

I have to start off by saying TTR:World Tour is certainly fun and really harks back to games such as Micro Machines from years ago and that’s not necessarily a bad thing at all.


see how many laps, coins and race type before you start your engine!

Heading to the garage is great all the cars look like slightly squat versions of real life motors and with the odd tv show car thrown in for good measure (Breaking Bad RV!). There are plenty of cars to choose from that will cost varying amounts and for different classes. With each car is a certain amount of customisations too like, paint job, wheels etc. As you progress through different races and trophies you’ll earn in game coins and XP points. The coins are how you can purchase and upgrade the vehicles you own.

The events are split into different classes and each tournament unlocks another once completed. So there are different classes for you to race through they are Cult Classics, Street Racers and Supercars each one contains four different Trophies to compete for. There are also special events and Multiplayer to race through.


Nice RV, fun little pop culture references in TTR: World Tour.


So in my time with TTR:World Tour I have had some fun, its certainly an easy game to pick up and play. Its easy to sit and play through a trophy or two and tune up your choice of car. The graphical choice is a fun one, the cars look like fun, squashed versions of their real life counter parts. No licensed cars are here which is no surprise. It runs smoothly and performance is good as your fly around the tracks. When you consider the fact the cars aren’t licensed there is some deal in place with the food outlet Yo Sushi, there is even a track based around there outlets which can be fun to navigate – watch out for the frying pans in your way!

The controls are really easy to get to grips with and you’ll be drifting round corners in no time at all. The different trophies as mentioned above have different types of races that make them up you’ll find yourself taking part in combat races firing weapons at your rivals, there is the elimination races where the person in last place as the counter ticks down will be eliminated until there is only one. Time trial races are your standard fare and you need to get round as fast as you can.


Load Screens can inform you what race you’re about to take part in.


With the different classes and number of vehicles on offer TTR:World Tour will keep you busy for a little while. Its always fun to customise your car and make sure you’re the fastest on the track.

Some Key Features:

  • 2 Player Split-screen Gameplay both Offline and Online
  • 8 Players Online multi-player combat racing
  • 9 Unique Game play modes spread throughout the Championships
  • 32 Table-top race tracks set in 8 themed locations (4 circuits per location)
  • 16 Super-cool, fully upgradable, iconic miniature Race Cars
  • Over 180 unique race events to challenge your skills. Over 25 hours gameplay!
  • 8 Cunning “Power-Up Weapons” designed to attack and slow opponents or protect yourself
  • 6 Unique “Weapon Wheels” help you get an edge over your rivals
  • Funky exclusive break-beat soundtrack by producer Wes Smith of Juice Recordings


Can you take first place and win the trophy?


With all the features listed above and the fact that I have had some fun with the game its not bad, my only gripe is that I do feel the price point is a little high. The game was released almost three years ago on the Playstation 4 and whilst I understand developers have costs to cover when porting over to different consoles however, £25 is a little much in my opinion. At the time of writing the base game on PS Store is £7.99 and TTR:World Tour – Swag Bag (Which includes everything they have released for the game) currently retails at £9.99 and it feels like the Switch tax might be in full effect.

I really have had fun with this game and I love drifting round corners of the Yo Sushi level and the Back to the 80s circuit is really fun with plenty of little references back to decade. Its an enjoyable game that is easy to either pick up and play or play for a while to continue through the different trophies.

Check out the trailer below:



The Review Key For Table Top Racing was provided by Greenlight Games for the purposes of this review.