Super Blood Hockey – Review (Nintendo Switch)

Developer: Loren Lemcke

Publisher: Digerati

Release Date: Out Now

Price: £10.79 (£13.49 after 26/05) // $11.99($14.99 after 26/05)

Eshop Page: Super Blood Hockey Switch eshop Page

Lace up your skates and grab your hockey stick as we take a look at Super Blood Hockey, GAME ON!


Let’s start off by saying this game is presented in a wonderful retro style and Super Blood Hockey is certainly all the better for it. Whilst I enjoy the realistic hockey games, this just suits perfectly. From the retro jaunty music to the fantastic visual styling this really hit the right note from the moment the menu screen popped up.



On the menu screen you’re greeted with the different game modes. We have Exhibition Mode, Tutorial, Tournament Mode, challenge Mode and Franchise Mode. Loads to see and do here. I do enjoy each mode separately as they all offer great pick up and playability.


Exhibition is exactly what you’d expect, a quick match up and off you go. I’ve had tons of fun with this. The tutorial is presented in a fun way to get you to grips with the game. Tournament is again what you’d expect, can you take it out on the ice and come up trumps? One thing I have noticed is that the games AI can be unforgiving and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I like a game to be a challenge and this certainly can have its moments.



The gameplay is great fun, will you master grappling the puck from your opponents and sticking it in the net. It’s amazing how much fun and sometimes frustration (could just be me haha) that you’ll have with Super Blood Hockey. One of my favourite parts of the gameplay is getting the puck back and scoring. The fights that break out are great fun also. You need to take out the opposing team as if you do a good enough job you’ll maintain that advantage until they get back on their feet. I also love the little bits such as when the period is over and the Zamboni come out and it’s driver cares not if you’re still out on the ice, they will take you out!

Whether you’re looking for a quick match via multiplayer or to dive right in the single players modes Super Blood Hockey won’t disappoint you. The players in your team all have different attributes and the game can give a feel of depth when playing different modes.


The sense of humour the game has doesn’t disappoint and the whole feel of the game is one that sends this reviewer back through time with every play. Going back to fights breaking out on the ice, if you pick on the same player too often then the fights will break out. I simply cannot tell you how much fun I have had with this aspect of the game.


The controls are simple and easy to use from the get-go. They feel as they should and I’ve not had any troubles with the control scheme at all. I sometimes find that control schemes can let these types of games down but not here. Will you take a quick shot or power up to get more energy behind the shot?



The music is really catchy and reminds me of games of this ilk from the ’80s and ’90s, it really takes you back as you’re playing a match and you can be transported to fond memories of gaming from years ago…well maybe if you’re as old as me…I guess.


Games like this in my opinion are totally worth buying because they are well made, have a great nostalgic factor and seemed polished. This game doesn’t let down on any of the things I mentioned and delivers greatly. It’s a game that I keep returning to time and time again. Sure you could take my word for it or you could go out and purchase Super Blood Hockey, you won’t be disappointed that you did.


I could spend all day trying to find different ways to tell you how much fun it is but the best advice I can give is to get yourself to the eshop and buy it.


Check out the trailer below:


The review key for Super Blood Hockey was provided by Digerati Distribution for the purposes of this review.