Thief Simulator – Review (Nintendo Switch)

Developer: Forever Entertainment

Publisher: Forever Entertainment

Release Date: 16/05/2019

Price: £17.99 // $17.99

Eshop Page: Thief Simulator eshop Page

Right, before you read this check your doors and windows are locked. Are your valuables stored safely? You never know who’s lurking around these days… if everywhere is secure then sit back, relax and read our thoughts on Thief Simulator.

Are you ready to start a life of crime?



Now I’ll be honest, when I first head about this game coming to Nintendo Switch my moral side really couldn’t work out if I thought it was a good idea or not. Obviously being a thief or burglar whatever isn’t something I condone but playing a game based around breaking and entering couldn’t be that bad could it?


Well let me say this, I’ve really enjoyed my time with Thief Simulator. It doesn’t have fast paced action like you might expect from games such as the Payday series. It’s more clinical and methodical in its approach to teaching you the finer points of a life of crime.

Stay out of the light, avoid detection at all costs.



You start off as merely the Thief. You will be guided by Vinny (a gruff sounding fixer type), through a series of calls on your phone. He will assist you in making your first steps into a life of crime.


As you begin your new and totally illegal career, you’ll have to jump in your car and drive to your victims property. The driving part of the game isn’t all that exciting, there’s no high speed driving antics here. You don’t have a high performance vehicle either, you have a bog standard car that doesn’t want to stand out…as you’d expect for a get away car I guess. whilst you’re on the job you’ll be able to assign your tools to quickly access them, things like your crow bar and flashlight at the start.

Don’t expect a high powered motor in this game.



So you start off with a few simple jobs, that you won’t find too taxing such as, smash a window, steal a TV. After each mission you’ll be graded on your success too. You’ll get extra points the more gear you stuff in your bag.


As you finish each job Vinny will guide you to where you need to go next or what you need to do. It may be a trip to the Pawn Shop to sell of your stolen items or it may be that you’ll head to your hideout, yes that’s right you have your own Hideout!!

Visit the pawn shop and sell your ill gotten gains.
You have your own hideout!



Your hideout is your base of operations or hub. It’s kitted out with a bed, a jewellery workshop, storage and even a computer. The computer is your link to the rest of the Thieving World.


Should you need to sell your items without visiting the pawn shop just find the website Blackbay (no, I’m not kidding), there are forums where you can get hired for extra jobs through Rent A Thug for a little extra cash, maybe you’ll need to break someone’s window or even their toilet.


Through your computer you can purchase the tools of your trade, whether that’s a simple lock pick or night vision goggles then Tools4Thieves is where to shop. Lastly you find the Forums are there for you to purchase hints about perspective victims, their routines etc. It’s really comprehensive and gives you plenty of different bits at your disposal.

Buy your tools for the job online.
Thieving forums will provide you with hints about your potential victims.



As you gain more XP with each burglary you’ll be able to spend skill points to learn more tricks of the trade. Lock picking is a valuable skill. Let me say that I’m sure I had a bug on my training lock because I could get the lock to almost turn the whole way and then it would give me instructions on which way to turn the pick and it would not unlock. No matter what I did…I’m not gonna lie guys, I had to rage quit (the frustration was real after a few attempts). Once I restarted the game the next day and tried again it worked and the instructions were correct (honestly I felt so daft lol).


You’ll have plenty to keep you going in Thief Simulator but you may find things get repetitive. It’s not so bad but missions can be over quickly.


As you perform your jobs you’ll need to have your wits about you. Don’t let people see you or they’ll call the police and you may find yourself hiding from the police in a bin or cupboard. Remember your torch/flashlight will make you visible at night. Check your surroundings before you leave a property to make sure you’ve picked up as much loot as you can, check drawers for cash and whatever else you can grab.

Lock picking is a skill you’ll need to master
There’s more than one way to pick a lock



The controls are easy to pick up and feel very comfortable. The graphics aren’t going to blow you away but don’t blame that on this being a bad port, I’ve looked at the PC version and it looks like it was a conscious choice by the developer to and probably more to focus on gameplay and I don’t mind that, in my head I’ve never been one that’s bothered by graphics anyway. Give me Story or gameplay any time.

I’ll say again that I obviously don’t condone the things that go on in this game and I’ve never wanted to plan a robbery and the game doesn’t make me want to either. I think it’s quite a fun game that I was really interested in. I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to play this game.

There’s one gripe I have and that’s with the locations in the game. I feel like you could move around to different areas. You’ll find that you complete robberies in the same street and you’d think you’d move around as the people there may get more suspicious or there might be a heightened police presence. It doesn’t detract too much from the game but overall it would have been nice to explore other areas.

Tag residents and learn their movements to make it easier to break in.



At the time of writing Thief Simulator is on offer on the UK and US eshops with 10% off the recommended retail price.


Check out the trailer for Thief Simulator below:




The Review copy of Thief Simulator was provided by Forever Entertainment for the purposes of this review.