World War Z – Review (PC)

Developer: Saber Interactive

Publisher: Crown Publishing Group

Release Date: Out Now

Price: £31.99

Website: World War Z Homepage

World War Z – Surviving the horde


I have to say, I was over the moon being given the chance to review this game, it was a game I have followed very closely since it’s announcement and a game I have been thoroughly looking forward to (even contemplated booking the day off work for the release!) World War Z is, what we can safely assume is, the alternative and answer to days gone being a PS4 exclusive offering countless bad-ass fights against unrelenting hordes or the un-dead.


World War Z puts you in all kinds of locations and situations.


World War Z is basically bringing to life the dreams of every gamer! Because let’s face it, I bet there isn’t a single one of you that can honestly say that they have never had the dream of wanting that zombie apocalypse! Because we are gamers, it’s who we are and every single on of us is ready for that shit! 


Anyways I’m JUST telling you all what you already know so onward with the game! With a nice, crisp and clear cut soundtrack I’m already in the mood to roll some un-dead heads! I’ve been waiting far too long for this game so we are going to go straight into things! Straight off the bat into the new game, options to play online or offline…..errr let’s go with online, I’m a hardcore gamer but fancy a whole number or zombie hordes on my own, I don’t like my odds….! So this is where you choose from 1 of 5 different episodes based in iconic locations from around the world such as Tokyo or Jerusalem, each one offering 5 different acts for each episode, and each one of these located in slight different areas of the initial city. 


You’ll have to complete various missions they can be very short however.


The characters you have on offer vary from episode to episode, which I feel is a nice touch, although we all know we are going to be playing the disgruntled war vet who just wants to end everything he sees! Yet on top of all this we also have 6 different classes we can select from to fine tune your play style that little bit more, these are as follows: 


Gunslinger  Offering specialisation in weaponry with intense rates of fire for those hectic hail of bullets moments, this class dons perks that offer boosts in the way of weapons and ammo, and is probably one of the best all rounder classes for beginners to just pick up and go.


Hellraiser – So for all of you out there that loves explosives and blowing zombies into absolute oblivion, this one’s for you! A master of crowd control and stopping those pesky undead climbing each other to get to you.


Fixer  This is your basic support role offering not only ammo to drop for you team but also explosive ammo as well.


Medic – The one we are going to be relying on most. Anyone who things they are going to fight a horde of zombies and not take a hit has another thing coming. Offering healing and support to your team mates with perks focused around healing and boosting your team.


Exterminator  The exterminator role is more of a damage over time kind of kit, relying heavily on Molotov’s to burn out your undead foes and weaken them for your team to finish up the easy pickings.


Slasher  The slasher, probably one of my least favourite classes to be honest, but as the name suggests it’s the whole getting up in your face and cutting it off kind of role. The slasher focuses on melee and also tasers which puts you in a dangerous position of having to be uncomfortably close to several hundred rotting corpses, which I can imagine doesn’t smell too great! 


Can you make it our alive?


So into the actual game-play of World War Z, the game looks pretty nice to be honest, graphically the game is sound, unfortunately there wasn’t anything that overly stood out to me which is a huge shame, but it is a very pretty game nonetheless. Usually you will find if you play online it’ll throw you in halfway through someone else’s game leaving you with missing out on the initial parts of the mission. 

Although I have to say I do love the sounds within the game, I play using astro A40s, and when you have an entire horde running at you, gunfire and grenades going off left right and centre it just sounds amazing and pristine.


The hordes in this game are pretty fantastic, the way they work together, climb each other, almost work tactically to get to you and surround you, I’ve got to say at some points it was pretty hard work getting through them, other times it’s relatively simple though. The missions basically consist of a couple of objectives that are only ever turn this on or defend this position.



As much as I don’t want to do this I have to throw a HUGE negative in here, and unfortunately for those who like a long game you can put plenty of time into……I have to say with a heavy heart, this is not it. In the time it took my girlfriend to go out for a cigarette I’d already finished the first mission and started the second! To me they felt about 2 minutes long, realistically probably more around 5 minutes per mission, which in theory only leaves about 2 hours of unique game-play, after that it just becomes a rinse and repeat for levels to get a few new perks, and to upgrade weapons and visually customise them.


So for me honestly, after all the hype this game has been receiving, after everything I read and hugely hoped for…..I feel somewhat let down, I say somewhat I really mean considerably. The concept of the game is beautiful, it’s the style of game everyone’s been craving after the first information regarding Days Gone, yet Saber Interactive have done so little with the game and had the ability to do so much more, this could have been the game to rival Days Gone, but instead it’s flopped, I’ve not seen a single person on my friends list across Xbox or PC playing this title since release and it pains me to have to say that I can’t blame them.


You Can Check Out the Trailer Below:


The Review Key for World War Z was provided by Saber Interactive for the purposes of this review.