My Time With Switch Fix – Accessory Review

If you’re anything like me, you often find yourself looking through different websites based around gaming, accessories etc.

I love looking for new and different peripherals to accentuate my games consoles. My latest recent discovery is the Pro-Controller accessory for Nintendo Switch, the Switch Fix.

The Switch Fix was designed by Gamer Austin Stark. We had an opportunity to speak over Skype and let me tell you he’s passionate about his product and gaming but also a really nice, cool, down to earth guy. He was easy going and happy to talk me through his accessory. Austin has designed a product that I didn’t know I needed until I saw it and now tried it. When we spoke I asked where the idea for this controller mount came from. The answer was based on a problem I have, Austin told me he found playing with the Joy Cons difficult and wanted a way to utilise his favourite controller in a portable way.

The Switch Fix is a great way of making console quality gaming truly portable. I wasn’t sure about the build quality or weight distribution before I received my own Switch Fix. Let me say that I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the accessory since I’ve started using it.

Have your Switch Fix personalised, I like that mine has my name on it.

Once I had clipped it onto my Switch pro-controller (which by the way is bloody simple to do), and slid the Switch screen on to the Switch Fix (It uses the same channels the joy cons slide down), I haven’t looked back. Honestly I’ve really found this a great way to play. It’s convenient too. Not only am I a massive gamer but I love my movies so when I was using the tv to watch The Matrix in 4K I could still play my games with my pro controller in comfort.

I’ve tried using the Switch Fix with multiple games to make sure that whether it’s a quick game of Fifa 19 or spending a few hours running around Hyrule that it didn’t become too heavy or cumbersome. In the time I’ve been using this I haven’t felt that the whole thing together is difficult to use or felt the weight distribution was off.

In my experience so far it’s been easy to hold and hasn’t put any excess pressure on my wrists or hands. My hands are large so the joy cons aren’t always practical for me to use for prolonged gaming sessions. I find using joy cons or holding the Switch with Joy cons attached can give me pins and needles if I play for too long. So being able to use my pro controller in this way has been wonderful.

Another little feature of this wonderful accessory is how you can use the Switch Fix as a screen stand too and it’s nice and stable should you wish to play in table top mode.

Switch Fix is multi purpose!


This has been made with all ages in mind and the versatility of the Switch Fix is clear to see. It’s nice that you are able to position the screen exactly how it suits you and your viewing pleasure. Sometimes as the day/night goes on I will find my position changes as I am sat down, Switch Fix gives the flexibility (It really does) to change your viewing angle.

The Switch Fix is an add on that you probably don’t realise you need in your Switch gaming life but, it’s a great little piece of kit that truly gives you home console gaming on the go!

You can check out more at the link below and sign up to their Indiegogo for early bird deals.




Use it as a stand if you wish, I love this!

 The Switch Fix I was sent is a 3D Printed version and it’s a really robust piece of kit. It feels strong and when I have the screen set to a position that suits me I haven’t noticed any movement and it feels nice and stable. When you clip it onto your controller it doesn’t feel like it will break and it’s a nice, snug fit that isn’t prone to moving around of it’s own accord.

I have allowed another reviewer use it and they have told me they would love to get one. They expected it to add more weight when I first spoke about it and were dismissive but, after using it themselves admit to being wrong and would love to get one for themselves and they loved the personalisation aspect. The fact they could make it their own in some way was appealing. From my conversation with Austin he told me about the plans for plastic injection moulded versions to come soon. Once the campaign goes live you’ll have the option of purchasing a 3D printed version or the plastic moulded version. If you sign up to the email updates you may be lucky enough to get special offers on price and you’ll get all the updates sent directly to you, so it’s definitely worth it.

I can honestly say that this has changed the way I play my Nintendo Switch handheld. Now no matter what game I’m playing I love to use my Switch Fix for handheld mode. The fact I no longer worry about hand cramps from the joy cons is a huge plus. I think the pro controller is really comfortable to hold anyway, especially for those longer play sessions, so using this wonderful accessory only accentuates my love for the undocked way to play.

I’ve been playing a lot of Sniper Elite on Switch lately and I can honestly say that Switch Fix has been a constant companion during my play time. The house I live in constantly is on the go with visitors and such so it’s not always possible to use the TV to game especially for extended play sessions but the Switch Fix has certainly made this problem go away. I can’t praise it enough, it’s simple yet effective and the personalisation adds that nice little extra touch.

I have played so many different games and its still comfortable to use for long periods.

I have loved using this accessory so much. One thing that put me off using my Switch in handheld mode was the effect it had on my hands after prolonged play time but, I have played handheld so much lately and with no ill effects thanks to this little beauty!

It’s given me such fun and I cannot thank Austin Stark enough for creating such a wonderful, simple and must have accessory for my everyday gaming needs. Please check them out for more information but trust me when I say this is an accessory you’ll love.

I have barely used my joy cons since using the Switch Fix!


Thank for reading and special thanks go out to Austin Stark for his time and for providing me with the Switch Fix to review.